Multi-Day Float: Eleven Point River__INSIGHT

Some buddies & I have set our sights on the Eleven Point River for our second annual guy’s multi-day float (kayaks). Last year’s inaugural float took place on the Current River (Akers to Two Rivers), 40 miles 2 nights, 2 1/2 days.

We found the 13 mi/day pace to be highly achievable, comfortable, & still allowed for play/discovery time.

Now, looking ahead to our early September float—the only time of the season that lined up w/ everybody’s work/family schedule—I was wondering if anybody has any insight regarding a Greer to 142 Access (27miles)? Or preferably—to achieve that longer distance—the Greer to Stubblefield Access (32 miles)?

Although the Stubblefield Acess is a bit closer to our preferred daily distance wheelhouse, I’m also aware that there are some points of interest I.e. Greer Spring, Turner Mill, etc. that would warrant the time to pull off, Hike, & explore.

Any insight is greatly appreciated, THANKS! :call_me_hand:t4:

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At that time of year a put-in above Greer Spring will probably not be an option, so the only question is where to take out. I have no experience with the Eleven Point below highway 142 so I don’t know if extending the trip into Arkansas would be worthwhile or not. There is a Facebook group for the "Current River, Jacks Fork & Eleven Point River that you could investigate for further information. Another side trip that might be worthwhile is the .9 mile (one way) hike up to see Greer Spring before you put on.

Right on. I believe I’m already part of that FB group, I will indeed have to poke the brains of those peeps :+1:t4:

Regarding downriver of Hwy 142 access, apparently the Stubblefield access is just 1 mile shy of the MO/AR state line.
I attempted to contact Hufstedler’s to gather some intel from them, but I have yet to hear back. Nonetheless, I am stoked for the trip, as I will be taking out my new—& yet to be received/shipped (backordered)—Dagger Katana 10.4 for its first lengthy trip. I anticipate that it will be an improvement over solo-paddling our WS Tarpon 135T (tandem) … so far as weight distribution is concerned :ok_man:t4:

It would be good to mention what state you are talking about.

Missouri … it is referenced in the above post.

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Contact Brian Sloss at He knows the river like the back of his hand and will gladly help you plan the trip. I’ve done the Greer-142 stretch twice. Great float with great fishing. You’ll love it.