multi-day paddle from base camp in FL?

I’m looking for a package trip in Floria that features daily paddles from a comfortable base location (i.e., not outdoor camping).

I’ve been spoiled by the Adirondack Mountain Club’s summer paddle outing, and I can’t find anything like it in Florida. The set-up is to stay 5 nights at a college dorm and have breakfasts and dinner there. The food service folks provide the fixings for a make-your-own brown bag lunch to take on a multi-hour paddle each day.

Anybody know of anything similar in FL? Thank you.

Multi day paddle
What part of Fl. do you want to paddle? In the panhandle you can stay in a cabin at Adventures Unlimited, pick out lunch in their store and get them to put you in on several rivers in the area. The Coldwater runs by the place. The Blackwater and Juniper are near by.

Below Tallahassee at St. Marks is Shell Island Fish Camp. It’s on the Wakulla with the St. Marks river less than a mile below it. The Wilderness Way used to do shuttles for a fee but they have changed hands so contact them first. There is a restaurant close that has a >$5 breakfast. In this area be sure an paddle the Wacissa. If you are on the Wakulla at the right time the Manatees are there.

We do breakfast at camp, lunch on the water then a restaurant for supper.

Base camp at a motel or hotel
I’ve been day tripping in Florida since 1970. Nowadays, I live out of my van at various places in west, north, central and southwest Florida. However, there are motels and hotels of varying degrees of fanciness nearby all the places I camp. Use them.

Find a motel within your price range on the west coast from Tampa to Naples, or in the midlands north of Orlando, and you can day trip to your heart’s content on rivers, springs lakes or protected ocean water.

Of course, you will need a vehicle with your own canoe or kayak atop, but those are all easily rented. There are outfitters on or near just about all the popular river runs, and they can rent you a boat and provide shuttles. Many of rivers don’t require shuttles, as you can paddle in either direction with a little effort.

You can stay in the Wakulla Springs
Lodge, which has a 3 meal restaurant. No canoeing in the park, but T’n’T nearby will help you with the Wakulla or the St. Marks. There are a number of other rivers nearby, and usually outfitters to serve them.

The Lodge dates to the 30s and I think base price is $95 per night. Obviously you can do better at a motel, but you’ll have to find places to eat. Links:

Get McGrady to shuttle you on his running boards.

I use a motel in Homosassa Springs
for a base camp to various rivers and springs. Its near the mouth of the Suwanee.

Cedar Key has motels and also campgrounds and a good location at the south edge of the Big Bend area with a lot of day trip options.

I suggest you contact Jack L.

Also download this guide

isnt there
A boat trip you can take that is a floating base camp. Seems fun.

Ryan L.

I didn’t answer because
I don’t know anything that fits the OP’s criteria.

I can give him all the day trips he wants, but he would have to find a motel and restaurant for the rest.

He might want to try IVY house in Everglades City, or the Hostel in Homestead.

Jack L

if I want to eat and sleep I have to find my own arrangements.

Seems the OP is looking for a guided base camp outing

Hey, thanks!
Looks like it’s a make-up-your-own. OK! I have no idea where to go in Florida. I want to visit a friend down there in February-ish, and I thought it would be fun to do some paddling. He’s in Altamonte, but I’m not particularly tied to anyplace on the mainland. I just started looking around for “Florida paddling” and everything looks amazing. I’m a flat-water day tripper from the Buffalo NY area.

Check out our google site
Lots of good trips with launches, descriptions, etc all over Florida.

It is

If you have any questions about any of them just shoot me an e-mail, or ask here.

Jack L