Multi use paddle

Hi, I’m new over here and I just like to know if it is possible to use the same paddle for river running and touring. Thanks!

Maybe, most river running paddles are fairly short and have large blades. If you are a high angle paddler touring and can handle having the large blades it’ll work fine.

Bill H.

Multi use paddle
Thank you a lot! I’ll give it a go. Cheers.

Canoe or Kayak?

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I only paddle canoes. I use a more-sturdy paddle for river running if the water tends to get shallow and rocky, but the extra weight of such a paddle is no fun the rest of the time. I also use a shorter paddle for going through extended shallows on rivers, but again, that paddle isn't so good for efficient paddling the rest of the time. If you want only one paddle for the time being, a mid-weight paddle will get the job done for both situations, but eventually you may really enjoy having at least two different varieties.

For what it's worth, the trend in modern canoe paddles is for all varieties to have blades that are short and wide compared to the traditional blades of decades ago. Longer, narrower blades are still available of course.

More often than not. I use light slalom
paddles for both whitewater rivers and touring, but while they’re great to use, they are kind of expensive.

An example of where it would not work— using a 12 degree bent shaft for touring lakes and flat rivers, and then trying to use it in whitewater. Another: using a 220 cm touring kayak paddle on lakes and fast rivers and then trying to use it on shallow class 1-2.

I use the same for both
in kayaks or canoes.

The only time I use a different one is if the river is a shallow rocky one, in which case I use a older beater paddle.

Jack L

Multi-use kayak paddle
I sea kayak, frequently in surf. I usually use a Werner Powerhouse 200 cm. The huge blade is great for manuevering, the one piece shaft is hard to break, and it is OK for a few hours of forward stroke.

For long distance or on flat rivers and lakes, I use my Werner Ikelos 210 cm.

It is certainly possible

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Is it optimum? No. Are you just trying to save money? Why not save yourself. Get the best, most efficient paddle you can afford for for each discipline. You will thank me later.

2nd Powerhouse
I have a Werner Powerhouse (197 I think) I also use for surf and white water. I picked it up cheap as an ex demo and used it for everything since I didn’t have a decent ocean or whitewater paddle at the time.

It is fairly heavy for serious distance, but it gets the job done and I never cringed when I whacked it on something. Plus it really has the ass to get you out through the surf zone.

Nice thing is good whitewater demo paddles can be had pretty darn cheap. My Powerhouse cost me $125 in scratched up but otherwise good shape.

Multi use paddle
Once again, thank you a lot! Go paddle!!!