multisport outerwear

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone at, from staff to contributing writers, to fellow users, for creating such informative site. Being a novice kayaker, I heavily rely on your opinions and greatly appreciate all your efforts.

I need your help one more time. Here is my situation:

I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, snowshoeing and sometimes even an occasional rock climb. Currently I’m at the point where most of my outerwear needs replacing. Are there any kayaking splash pants (or bibs) and splash jackets (or anoraks) out there that would meet the following requirements?

  • must be waterproof / breathable
  • must be durable enough for occasional climb
  • must have a hood (either roll up/down or detachable) and adjustable neoprene or lycra cuffs (both jacket and pants)
  • must be unrestrictive and accommodate a wide range of movements found in cycling and rock climbing (especially pants)
  • must accept at least one layer of mid-weight fleece

    Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

We use a few things like that
1. Light weight Gortex cycling pants from Performance (other brands are just as good). We use them in the cold weather.

If it is frigid we use light weight polar fleece or poly pro long johns under them.

(Good for cross country skiing, cycling and paddling)

2. Light weight North Face hooded breathable waterproof jacket.

It is completely waterproof as well as breathable, and has zippers under the arms for ventilization

Use it with a long sleeve or short sleeve heavy weight or light weight poly pro or polar fleece top under it.

(good for cross country skiing, cycling and paddling).

We used the above plus a heavy duty waterproof hooded North Face Ski jacket for several months of paddling in AK and for all winter lake paddling here in the mountains of NC.

We have dry suits, but hardly ever use them since they are so bulky.



Check out NRS paddling jackets.
Some have hoods.