Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

My family will be in Murrell’s Inlet, SC soon and we would like to bring our kayaks. We arent familar with this area other than the awesome seafood resturants. haha Were not sure about places to lauch our kayaks or good places to go. If anyone here is from this area or someone knows this area, any and all information is welcome!!


Murrell’s Inlet

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offers a 3 lane paved public launch into Parsonage Creek with 6 foot tidal range and motorized traffic. There are 2 nearby access points on the Waccamaw River, one at Wachesaw Landing and further south below Brookgreen called Sandy Island. Expect a 4 or so foot swing on river and mild 1 to 2 knot flow on that section of ICW. Can launch from beach at Huntington Beach SP. Georgetown has a few ramps onto Winyah Bay with steady current toward ocean. South end of Pawleys Island has public parking and easy access onto ocean and creek behind. Have a look at the Coastal Expeditions map too. SC DNR has good on-line resource too at

Murrells Inlet, SC
Andy, If you live in the area what is the best place to kayak that we can paddle back to our starting place. Not really wanting to get in the ocean. Not thinking we are ready for that yet.

Marshes are always great
with abundant wildlife. Fairly easy to paddle. Be aware of getting stuck in shallow areas on outgoing tide. And too of taking a wrong turn as the mud and grass can look the same from a kayak. Google maps is great for birds eye view of twists and turns.

I agree with Andy. I have a little pluff

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mud in my blood from growing up in Charleston and love marsh paddling.
It is best to go out about 2 hours before high tide and stay no more than 2 hours after (the rule of 3rds).That is when the tidal currents are least.That also applies at low tide but it is really easy to run into oyster beds around low tide, which I have done many times.
Also as Andy said, you can paddle many creeks around the Waccamaw River from Wachesaw landing which is directly north of Murrell's Inlet.
P.S.If you go to Nance's Seafood in MI at 4pm ,you get your second meal at half price and get to eat it looking over the marsh.

Hampton Plantation
A nice place my wife and I discovered is Hampton Plantation, just below Georgetown. The plantation itself is interesting, and if you follow the road a mile or so farther you cross a bridge with a set-in point on the far side. This river (don’t recall the name) takes you back to the plantation. It’s tidal, so the current can vary. We saw a few 'gators but as usual they were shy and slipped into the water as soon as they saw us.