Murrels Inlet SC

I am going to Garden City from June 22 to July 2nd. I plan on bring my kayaks and fishing gear. From what I was reading Murrels Inlet looks like a perfect place to Kayak and fish? I would like any and all input about what to fish for and where? Public launch site. Will I see dolphins? Does anyone Kayak in the ocean there? I have been kayaking for 20 years now so I am experienced. Will anyone else be there who fishes or just want to get out and show me and my boys the Inlet? Thanks

missed by one day
I am going to be there the week before the original poster. I was looking at paddling there also.

Murrels Inlet is a great place to

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paddle and fish.Not to mention eat seafood. Dolphins? perhaps.They are a very common sight in that area but aren't concentrated in any spot.There is a public launch in Murrels Inlet. I am not a fisherman , but my son and I caught 3 fish in an hour from our kayaks on the rising tide out in the inlet. There is a bait shop in an old service station on the road through town(not US17). They could probably advise you.
The Waccamaw river on the north side of 17 is a good place to paddle.

great area at Murrel’s

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Another place to launch is just north of Applegate Ct and Hwy 17 before business 17 goes into Murrel's. One lane dirt road. A few cars are visible on google sat pictures just east of Gillete Pl. Just park above the high tide line as there is a good 6 foot swing twice a day. Lots of people crab and oyster there too. You will also need a SC fishing licence. Walmart's sell them. Check in with Pawley's Island Outdoors at 17S and Player Road for great local knowledge and selection of gear.

Georgetown has good access to Winyah Bay if you want more open water than tidal marshes at Murrels. You can get to ocean through MI, just time the tides as strong currents and standing waves will be experienced at that narrow slot between the rock jettys. As String said, the Waccamaw River is another good choice with 3 or 4 public landings. There is a steady 2 or so knot current on the river. Very abundant wildlife above and below the waters everywhere.