Music on the Water?

Hello all!

I am a kayaker in Arizona, well…I am just getting back into Kayaking since I moved here from Texas about a year ago. Last weekend was my first day on the water here in AZ, and I LOVE to paddle to the music on my iPhone…

However, it was 115 degrees out there on the water, and after about 20 minutes of my phone being in it’s waterproof bag in the front of the kayak (I have to rent them, so it’s the open casual kind of kayak) my phone turned itself off due to over-heating.

Does anyone here have any recommendations for a GOOD case thats absolutely waterproof, heat resistant but I can still hear the music well? Or amny recommendations for music on the water?


Unless you keep it in an iced cooler,
it’s going to overheat, even in a case. Me, I’m glad not to hear a peep out of my cellphone when I’m on the water.

Why do you need music on the water?
Don’t you enjoy silence and the sounds of nature?

Reminds me of music in campgrounds: WHY???

eco extreme case
The Eco Extreme cases are opaque and fairly thick, so those might stay cool longer. They are totally waterproof as play decent sound.

My phone once overheated in a see-through case while paddling in coastal Maine, where it’s usually about 65 degrees on the water.

Why not
I have a Lifeproof case. The sound is not great unless you wear headphones.

I paddle to music…its wonderful how it can smooth out and refine your paddling even if you aren’t choreographing and linking moves.

Never listen to music on the water
I do want to be aware of all the sounds around me while I paddle. I’ve heard the cry of eagles, The flutter of birds flying by and anything else…like a jetsi or pwoer boat that wants to swamp me…!

I always carry my radio.
Many years ago I acquired a very inexpensive ($9.95) Sony AM/FM pocket radio which has a remarkably good sound and the two AA batteries last nearly forever. I too like to listen to music while I paddle. I carry the radio in one of the pfd pockets. These Sony radios are not waterproof and I’ve dropped more than a couple of them in the water and killed them dead. But they’re cheap and I’ve got a lifetime supply of them. Sears sells them, or they used to and I think the price is up to $12.95.

Love music on the water…
You will always get people (as in above) who seem to think listening to music while paddling is a cardinal sin!

I absolutely LOVE to listening to music while paddling…I do about 50/50, as of course I like to listen to nature as well, and if I come upon some fisherman I will mute the tunes until I pass them out of courtesy.

I use an Eco Extreme unit…I think it would work for you if you kept it shaded or in a small cooler with the lid cracked open a bit.

Music on the water is a divisive issue. I only listen to certain tunes (I skip my 80’s hair band playlists). I usually spend 4 hours on the water at a time, which leaves plenty of time for both “nature” and music soundtracks.

I love paddling through Mangrove tunnels listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks - after a good smoke. Pure magic!

go to
Any store that sells electronics. Buy a $12 mp3 player. Use without fear.

Ryan L.

ever paddle in chicago?

I didn’t always feel that way
…but I often listen to music now. There are a few pretty bland places where I paddle close to home, and particularly if I’m trying to keep an exercise pace, I often tune in. Sometimes I even have a ballgame on.

I think radioguy has the best solution. Go cheap and don’t stress about it.

never even BEEN to Chi…been stuck twice on I 90 in the area.

Never again

I recommend it - once

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It's a strange experience. We put in on the lake and paddled into town upriver. The day was really calm which always feels odd to me on the great lakes. So you could hear the din of traffic from a distance from shore, and as you get closer it only gets louder. It's so strange hearing all the city noises and being in those compact spaces, yet not being confined by it all like everyone at street level. Although the buildings make it feel like a canyon.

Anyway I also paddle near Detroit sometimes and the same can be said about the noise (but it's not nearly as interesting). So I often have music playing, at a safe level of course.

I often listen to music when paddling for fitness. For the iPhone, the LifeProof case is hard to beat. Headphones can be used or simply the phone’s speakers. For your overheating problem occasionally dip it in the water to cool it down.

I’m not a fan
of listening to music while paddling because one of the big reasons I paddle is to immerse myself in nature and observe wildlife. I have no problem with others listening to music on the water so long as they use headphones. I have one request for those that like to listen to music - please use headphones so you don’t disturb others. BTW - I am a huge music lover and there is music playing in my home and in my car pretty much 100% of the time. So I do understand.

I’m with you Andy
I have even had to hush fellow paddlers as we came around a bend in a river or a mangrove Island, so that we could come quietly up on some wild life.

Jack L

Music lover

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Am big time music lover at home, in car, or truck.
Don't want or need music on the river.
Give others a break; use earphones/earplugs.

Drunks with boom boxes are some of the rudest people in the world in my opinion, and play some of the sorriest music ever made.

If you absolutely/positively must carry a boombox on the river; do everyone else a favor. Invest in a high quality boom box with built in equalizer; as opposed to the Wally World cheapie.
The expensive boom box will produce higher quality sound when it's 6 feet under water than the cheapie.



Don’t care for bicyclists & music either

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It's turned up loud, guess because they can't hear it otherwise as they're traveling away from the sound waves. Come to think of it applies to motorcyclists. Then there's several bikers or roller bladers moving together down my road talking to each other. I live on one end of an S-curve and when I'm out in my yard, I can hear what they're saying back and forth long before they pass my driveway. I've never caught any juicy tidbits of conversation that way so doesn't have any entertainment value for me. :)

wow we have some real generalizations
here. Drunks loud music powerboats and bicycles? And interfering with natures sounds?

I find that when practicing FreeStyle to music the loons seem to come to me. Perhaps birds like music too.

And my paddling gets smoother to music.

time and a place for everything
When in a very natural area especially one new you you or in a traffic area with dangers music is best off. But other times when doing a long, solo fitness workout and with little dangers music is nice. Not everyone’s situation is identical to what you may imagine. Otherwise one could make an argument to never ever listen to music as there’s always some quiet to enjoy, people to listen too, etc… Everything in moderation.