Music while I paddle 39 bucks

Sounds great

Getting bigger one for boating. They go up to 300. Boat one will be 99.

You can pair two for stereo

iPod Nano and waterproof ear buds for me. Avantree makes a nice set. Sound travels far over water so as a matter of courtesy, it’s for my ears only.

I loathe the wave boats with music blasting out of their speakers here at home and sometimes wish I had a water cannon.

I was on a group trip a while back with a guy that “needed” music to paddle by. He also smoked at every opportunity, not paying particular attention to the wind direction.

Needless to say, ths contributed to my current preference to paddle solo.

I’ll very occasionally put music on my phone, but also try to be mindful of others.

No worry 99 percent of the time I am alone. Not big enough to blast out anyone. Still want to hear other things around me so for me better than ear buds. GF stops paddling soon do all winter is alone. I can use it in my 2004 excursion also. Music can motivate me when paddling.

Agree that it can be energizing. Was suggested in the book “Canoe Racing” when doing training sessions. Usually use the Nano on my way back, when I need energizing. Wearing ear buds I can still hear outside sounds because I keep the volume low - but regularly check behind me whether I’m using earbuds or not.

Many flats here where boats can’t go. Nice in the winter most boats are gone for the most part.

Never listen to music when I paddle, but I enjoy dancing across the water in my boat.