muskegon river mi

Has anyone taken a trip down the Muskegon River(mi)below the Reeds Burg dam. We’ll be camping there and were wondering if thats an ok put in.

Looking for a day trip?
If you’re looking for an easy day trip I think most of the lower part of the Muskeegon river is an easy paddle. From Newaygo on down you could probably take your grandmother. Last time I was on that river was MANY years ago (32?) Quiet. Scenic. Take bug spray. Enjoy!


Muskegon River
You can expect some deadfalls the first few miles downstream from the damn. Do not overlook paddling upstream from Reedsburg. The flow is slow and a non issue for casual paddlers and the scenery is quite interesting. You’ll see nesting Ospreys, black terns and many other birds. In the weeds the water will explode from burbot (dogfish) getting out of the way. When you get through the backwater and into the main river channel you’ll be paddling a very twisty section of river through reeds, cattials and many flowers. Had the largest snapping turtle I ever saw surface along side me there.

Happy paddling, Dan

was just down
from Reedsburg to M-55. Some deadfalls. Water was a bit lower than in the spring. You will need to portage the dam and maybe a deadfall or 2. Average depth was about 3 ft at most. Nice State park campground just above the dam.

Reedsburg State Forest Campground
Sorry, don’t mean to correct you Northman.