muskegon river, michigan

looking for other peoples opinions of the muskegon river

I have only
paddled around the M-55 area of it. Seems ok, not too fast or narrow . I am planning a longer weekend trip this summer , possibly from M-55 downstream.

Give John Buckley a call at

He’s been racing for years and has paddled every river in MI numerous times. Great friend and mentor of mine in Mt Pleasant, MI.

Muskegon River
I’ve paddled from M55/Houghton Lake to US10 at Evart and from Croton Dam to Muskegon Lake. The nicest strech is from M55 to US10. The upper reaches are not developed and you can see wildlife. The entire length is a very easy paddle with no rapids. Below Croton dam the river level fluctuates greatly due to water being released from the dam. Good fishing along the entire length.

Upstream from Muskegon
I just did a day paddle with my Kayak up river from the Veteran’s Park in Muskegon. It was a very nice, lazy trip. The Muskegon is one of the best kept secrets of Western MI. If you do this part, you will go through some very interesting marsh land and see a lot of birds. One problem is the noise–both highway noise and an occasional motor boat. I have to struggle to tune the bad noise out and listen to the other sounds. I have done other sections many times. Nice river!

Muskegon River
The Muskegon River is awesome to see my full trip report check out my blog at