Musky Fishing

You can see a video of us trying to release my fish.And get a glimpse of my rig.Says “Andys fish” even though my name is AL.

No offense but that fish looked overplayed, given the time/effort to revive. Using “light rods” to catch (targeted) heavier fish is a negative factor, as is with barb hooks.

Just saying…


that 's a nice size Muskie …

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..... did it seem to make it and finally swim away ??

Even if it did swim away , that's not a certainty that it will survive , but I think it will .

This fish was suffering from a hypoprofusional condition ... hypoxemia .

The rod and reel I see there looked plenty stout enough to bring this fish to net without undue stress on the fish for normal landing time .

Muskies' deserve to be a tad worn out after the time in battle they spend .

ed., thought I'd add this wiki link that talks about Hypoxemia for those who may not be aware of what it is or how it works ...

asanders , I had asked a question …
… have you had an oportunity to read it yet ??

I was wondering about the fish and how it made out ??

No fish didnt make it.My dad does taxidermy as a hobby so we cleaned it accordingly for mounting purposes.lots of factors contributed to an unsuccessful release.One of which was you had to travel quite a distance(by boat with a motor)to the “judge” on shore.They should have someone on the water.On a positive note 10 minutes prior to me catching this one I caught a 45" and had a real clean release.Row trolling is the way to catch them.

was hoping …
… the Muskie was able to be revived and swim away :frowning:

You didn’t mention the outcome , the vid. seemed as if you were trying and hopeful as well .

It’s good that you have it mounted considering … nothing wrong with that . Sorry it had to go this way but things do happen sometimes … thanks for finishing the story .