“must watch” canoeing videos

Your “must watch” canoeing videos needed

Cabin fever is driving me nuts! Based on the current weather, it appears I have about another month before I get to drip a paddle. I need some visual distractions to give me hope. Please help by submitting some links (or DVD suggestions) to your personal “must watch” paddling videos. I’ve nearly exhausted all the interesting search term combinations in Youtube, so I’m putting out this plea. Technique, boat outfitting, destinations, gear reviews, paddling folk, camping tips, any paddling related videos you love are fair game.

I’ll start my links library with a classic: https://www.nfb.ca/film/path_of_the_paddle_doubles_basic

Now it’s your turn,


This is Canoeing

You probably haven’t overlooked these:
Kevin Callan has a multitude of videos, and I think most are posted on YouTube. Many of them would fall under your “destinations” category. You’ve been searching already, so I doubt if this is news to you. If it is news, check 'em out.

here you go


Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes

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Bill Mason's funny film starrin' Blake James;



West Coast


search box upper right: try Philip.AK video

then Dunneryak video

Philip and Dunneryak are ‘authors’, ‘video’ is the subject

Dunneryak is very good in visual instruction.

Never Before Never Again!
Here is the promo clip -


Don’t forget books –
Great Heart


Mood dependent
Here’s one that was posted here a while ago and that I find myself going back to when its cold and I’m dreaming of paddling.


Of course there’s Waterwalker, as has already been mentioned and it can bee seen in its entirety on YouTube.

If you’re in a kind of goofy mood, don’t mind “going retro” and if “camp” sometimes appeals to you, consider this one. I saw it as a young kid and while paddling it still sometimes comes back to mind. Its not really about paddling but has a “river trip” theme. It brings a chuckle when I think about how far special effects have come since then. Caution though - it might bring on some really odd fantasies when you do finally get out and paddle again. But then again it may only affect me that way because I saw it when I was so young and impressionable.


You might want to rent the DVD “Grey Owl”. Could lead to reading some books if you’re not careful though. Be sure to check out the bonus features on the DVD.

“Loon Country by Canoe” by Dan Gibson is a good vicarious paddling video if you can find it. No music, no narration - just beautiful photography and the natural sounds of birds, wolves, waves, wind, rain…

Thats crazy
Here is a perfect example where a beamy flat bottomed and keeled canoe EXCELS

oh I think you “must watch” one
of my old home movies from the vhs era. You can nod off and fall right to sleep. At least there’s no gopro footage to suffer through. With less than 100 total views I need to get my numbers up to keep up with the youngsters! I apologize for those c1s and kayaks that invaded the movie, it ain’t strictly canoeing.


From PBS Anyplace Wild
Something different: http://vimeo.com/95787134

Nine rivers


Something a little different


Along the same lines - but different

I was thinking that
getting sideways would have resulted in nothing good.

Alone in the Wilderness
It has some canoeing in it. But after watching Proenneke soldier through an alaskan winter, it’ll make you feel a bit sheepish about your own cabin fever.

That second movie
I watched “Journey to the Beginning of Time” when it was presented in serial format on TV. That was when at least one local TV station had a half-hour show at noon each weekday aimed at kids who walked home from school to eat lunch (showing my age with that - kids don’t go home for lunch anymore), and for a while, they’d play sequential portions of some old movie for about 10 minutes of each show. I was so young when I saw this one that most of the characters seemed “a lot older” than I. I definitely thought it was cool.

I tried to watch it via that link, but was disappointed that the sound got more and more out-of-synch with the action as it progressed, and by about the one-hour mark (as they measured the dead Stegasaurus), I gave up.

They must have been Boy Scouts because they were very prepared for the trip (having a tent and cool-weather clothes, plus food for several days and cooking gear). That was a lot of stuff to bring, considering that they were scheduled to spend a few hours in the big city, not several days in the wilderness. Oh well, it’s a kid’s movie. Might still do the trick with kids, even today.