Musty down bag?

I’ve just put away my summer weight sleeping bag and broken out my little-used down unit, only to discover a musty smell to it.

It’s been out in the sun all day, but is still pretty unpleasant. I hope to use it tomorrow night, is there a way to reduce or eliminate the smell?

Try dusting it with

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onion and garlic powder.....but watch out because bears may think you are a giant Hot Pocket sandwich.

Back in the old day that musty smell ment you were using surplus army equipment made from canvas.

But seriously Heloise says you can wash down and set it out in the sun to remove musty smell.,,284583_447020,00.html

Good tips
Thanks for the tips. I tried the drier thing, and it helped some. Sprayed the bag with a product called Febreze and that helped too. I’ll set it in the sun again today and see what that does. Tonight’s overnighter is off, but I’m going on a day trip to the wreck of The Fury off NS’ Eastern Shore.

Gotta load the boat.

Ummnn… have you tried washing it?
Wash the funk out with a proper down wash such as Nikwax or Mcnett, and make sure you dry it totaly before storing it. You probably just had a bit of condensation accumulated in the bag before you packed it away from the last usage. DO NOT use an agitator syle washer, you run the risk of tearing baffles, a commercial front loader will work great. Dry on low/no heat in a machine, or dry it on a hammock and tumble in a dryer on no/low heat with a tennis ball or something to break up the down clumps after the dry out period. Ahhh… fresh as a spring day.

I agree with the washing idea. Works very well. Be careful how you handle the bag when wet. Wet down is very heavy and will tear stitching if you shake or drop it.

The only time my sleeping bags , or tents for that matter, are stuffed or rolled in a stuff sack is when I’m in the bush. They are stored hanging loose from the ceiling of a closet. Its isn’t even a very big closet. I just hang things behind them that I don’t wear very often. It is still easy to push them aside to reach things. My sleeping bags and tents last for decades instead of years. I still have a down mummy I bought in 1972.

Might try…
putting the bag in an airtight container with a box of arm, and hammer for a few days. It’s more effective than you might think.