MWCD Lakes

If your in the East Central Ohio area try one of these lakes for good fishing and 'yaking


MWCD Lakes Atwood
I have a cottage on Atwood Lake. Have you fished it from a kayak? Right now I have a pontoon set up for fishing at my dock, but seriously considering a kayak for added fun. Should be great on Leesville & Tappan


Atwood Lake
I kayaked and fished on Atwood a good bit and did pretty well catching bass and gills but at times (weekends) it gets a little to busy so I fish and 'yak Leesville these days. Tappen would be Ok back in the bays but I just seem to enjoy Leesville , Clendening and Piedmont (small horse power rating) and because things are so quite out there, but give Atwood a try from the kayak Bill, you will enjoy it, I have found more lures caught in trees there more than anywhere, really nice ones…Ha, Ha

Tappan looks good.
I drove by Tappan a few weeks ago and it looks like it would be great for kayak fishing. I ordered mine today and will certainly give Tappan a try.

I wonder how the Tuscawarous River would be for a float/fishing trip. And, yes I have no idea how to spell it without looking it up. LOL!


River Fishing
The Tuscarawas River fishing has really improved the last few years. Small mouth, pans, northern pike, and catfish abound. Used to fish the river quite a bit when I was a kid and always had a blast. I still think river fishing is the most fun but I always prayed NOT to catch one of those ugly mud puppies…Ha!

The fish are biting
on most of these lakes. On Atwood try trolling gold spinners with crawlers for white bass and who knows what else.