My 1st Canoecopia, how do you tote

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all the stuff you pick up at vendor's booths?

I was considering three options:

1. Backpack
2. Folding wire shopping cart (we use it at flea markets)
3. Rolling catalog case.

What do you folks use? Do you just use the bags provided at the booths and make periodic deposits in your car or motel room?

Thanks for your advice. I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed by the spectacle of the event, so any advice on how to approach the event of Canoecopia will be appreciated.

We'll be staying about a mile from the Alliant Energy Center, so we'd have to deposit in the car instead of the room.

No problem
You can use your own pack or buy a big canvas shopping bag at the show. There is a big set of shelves that you can temporarily store your stuff on for the day, or probably longer if you wish. I think they even have big plastic bins you can borrow, but just sticking your stuff on the shelf is okay too. They have rolls of tape which you use to label your stuff (write your name on the tape - instant name tag), and it’ll be there waiting for you when you are ready to finally hit the checkout line. If you buy mass quanitities of stuff, and maybe take a few breaks to go see some speakers, all you need to to is make as many trips as necessary to the storage shelves. Believe me, they try to make purchases as easy as possible for you. Even the checkout lines are amazing works of efficiency.

Don’t need to buy the big canvas bags
You can use them to tote what you plan to buy and then leave them at the checkout counter if you’re not interested in keeping the bag.

Thanks for the tips, guys.
I knew there were some Canoecopia veterans out there that could show me the ropes and help make my experience less hectic.

It’s nice that the organizers make it easy for me to spend my money :slight_smile: Do they also serve free cocktails to reduce my powers of reason and buy more stuff that I don’t need?

For you Yanoer- I’ll bring a bottle
of bourbon in a paper bag.

LOL! What are you selling or what is
your cut from what I buy while under the influence of your bourbon?

Fourth option
4) save the receipts, and when the buyer’s remorse kicks in wicked bad later that day, schlep it all back and ask for a refund.

Reduce paper and write down the vendor
website. Much less to haul around. We try to make our purchases early and put them in the car. We usually have a small backpack to haul stuff. Bring lunch.

Thanks for the suggestion to take lunch.
I was wondering what people did for food.

how big can it be?


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Imagine almost 9 acres of exhibits (a football field is roughly one acre), with so many people present at times that you need to pick your way along quite slowly when trying to walk anywhere; half dozen meeting rooms each with seating for a couple hundred or more; a parking lot for more than 5,000 cars which is quite full... Yes, there's reason to think ahead about logistics.

Oops, I got to thinking about that 9-acre figure and it didn't make any sense. Must've entered the wrong square footage in that on-line conversion site! It's actually a bit over two-and-a-half acres. Still pretty good sized!

Canoecopia strategies.

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You can stockpile your freebies and purchases in the tubs on the racks, or in the canvas bags. Ok to leave at any time with the freebies, but if you have purchases, try to check out when you see that the lines are short, generally earlier in the day. If memory serves, lines are longest around 3-5 pm. I generally try to shop in the morning, pay for my purchases around Noon, and spend the balance of the day visiting vendor booths, attending presentations, and avoiding additional expenses. They do have a snack bar ($$), but lunch in the parking lot is a nice break, weather permitting. That also gives you a chance to walk the parking lot--quite a few people display used boats and such for sale from their vehicle, and you can get all kinds of ideas on racks and trailers. The Canoecopia website lists vendors, presentations, presenters, show specials, etc. to help you develop a plan. FYI, over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to get a seat in many of the presentations--attendance must be increasing!

Big Canvas Bags
I bought the bags, and use them ALL the time for hauling boat gear, beach gear, laundry…all kinds of stuff. For $6.00 it was a great souvenir!

Have fun - wish we could go too!!!



not really!

take only what you really need and check out the websites, like was stated.

the show IS huge. we’re going over to put the finishing touches on our booth right now. we’re REAL close to the booth and it’s all looking good.

stop by and say HI. I’ll know if you got whiskey on your breath!!!


Will you let a whiskey-breathed shopper
into your Tsunami 165? That’s the WS boat I’d like to check out up close. I’ll be by your booth for sure.

unfortunantly the 165 ain’t out yet. :frowning:

we ‘should’ have a ETA and I can show you some pics…owwww-ahhhh.


btw- the whiskey breath won’t bother me!


I’ll still stop by and check out what
you do have with you.

What I used this time, what I’ll use
next year.

This year, the first day I used a combination of small back pack, small brief bag with shoulder strap and water bottle strapped to my hip.

The second day I left the back pack in the car.

Both days I carried my loot in the provided canvas shopping bags.

Next year, I’ll probably use my rolling catalog case for carrying my water bottles and catalogs I collect.

Every time I wanted to sit in a boat, I’d have to set the brief bag down, take the back pack off and remove the strapped on water bottle holder and then reverse the process when I was done trying out the boat. That process got old after a while.

I definately think that arriving on Friday evening is wise if you have much shopping to do or want to attend a lot of the presentations or demos on Saturday and Sunday. I got there about 1:30pm Saturday and Left at 5pm Sunday and didn’t get to half of the manufacturer’s booths, presentations or demos.

Thanks to all for the advice of how to prepare for Canoecopia.

You’re just kidding, right?