My ~5000th time paddling a SOT

Oh Nevermind :grinning:
Aloha !

Keep it up… You’re bound to get it right… :sunglasses:

@canoeswithduckheads should have fun with this one!

And you still can’t stay in it without a great deal of pain.

Tilde Sittin’
went to SOT!
50 Century
Fox’s star shown hot.
But who’s to say
on Universal see,
when her star might SINK?
Canoe count on me?

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But is your SOT tolerable?

Say…errrm…do you have another Pnet account???

If not, Pammy must’ve swapped his gray-thing-yak for a SOT.

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You guys are hilarious, but what’s your point?
Do you have one or are do you just get off on making fun of people?
I’ve taken an SOT, that wasn’t very good and made it better.
Boy, that’s really funny!

Relax a bit, it’s just the internet. There are very few (if any) mean-spirited people on this site. Lots of folks poke a little a fun from time to time; sometimes you’re the pokee and sometimes the poker. As far as I can see it’s all in good fun

Not me. I don’t make fun of people. Not in person. Not on the internet.
When someone starts a whole new post just to make fun of me, that’s going a step too far.


You can make fun of me if you like. I’m afraid of drowning so I don’t do kayaks and don’t have the balance to do a SOT, so I just canoe with the rest of the old folks.

It’s only the internet… It’s not REAL…

Now you’ve gone and done it—PO’ed the old folks! Uh oh.

Most of us oldies do have a sense of humor, though.

I can’t speak for other seasoned individuals but being sensitive is not one of our primary characteristics and PC is a personal computer.


Yup, if we were sensitive…we’d all be paddling canoes.

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I’m relatively new here, new to canoeing and was asking a lot of questions and found everyone here quite willing to offer helpful advice and felt welcome here. I have also been following SOTconvert’s threads about the perils of switching to a SOT and wondering is it him or the SOT. Maybe because I’m new to this and SOT is new to him I related a little.

When I saw the title to the thread the other day I reluctantly opened it hoping it wasn’t going to be something to harsh. I just read it as a little jab and not something I would have got upset over as this in some ways is a welcome in a bit of a hazing fashion. Least that’s how I would have took it.

On the other hand everyone is different and sometimes something that sounds funny in person doesn’t translate well into a web forum and for that reason as much as I like humor I try and avoid it with all but those I know really well. :canoe:

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SOTConvert just opened up an argument positing something about the people posting here which I know to be hugely in error. As was a list indicating he could name every place he had paddled. Suffice to say he is unaware of the backgrounds of many here.

The intro was odd. Claimed to have deep experience with canoes but did not know what a pack canoe was, and decided to convert to a SOT as the only solution having zero experience with them.

There is a gap of some kind here…

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I’ve been paddling canoes since the 70s and I didn’t know what a pack canoe is. Still don’t, but things that don’t interest me I don’t care about, so I don’t look into them. I’m also very simple in my gear. I’ve always viewed a canoe is a canoe is a canoe unless it’s for WW. Throw some camping gear into a duluth pack, throw that into a canoe and go.

My indifference to detailed analysis drives some people nuts. They are gear people. The research the various aspects of something to the nth detail. Firearms are an excellent example of this. Some people can tell you about the history of a gun, where it was made, the reason they have this and that, where they came from, etc. I just pick up a gun and shoot it. I shoot very well, but don’t really care about the details, just the function and a lot of time, the performance is the shooter, not the gun.

People are different in that way and everyway between. I responded to SOTconvert for a while, but to me, he’d be flipping back and forth faster than I can keep track, so now I just scan his posts. Does that make him bad? Nope. We are just different. People need to just accept that others are different from them, that includes SOTconvert. He needs to not take it personal that someone was ribbing him. I was jumped on by someone here when I commented on a ww rescue vid that it looked like fun. Scolded as it was serious business and I should be more solemn or something. No, it’s fun. I didn’t take it personal as some people are like he was/is.


I get that pack canoes (paddled with double blade) are something that is probably more prevalent in NY, where they become a perfect solution for the frequent portages in the Adirondacks. And may not have been something to pay attention to for people who don’t paddle waters like that.

But there are a number of canoe makers who have long had something they called a pack canoe in their line. Like the Bell Buckeye. These things are not obscure. And for someone who wants to camp, and had declared a kayak ain’t it but no longer wants to heft a full size canoe onto the top of a car, they immediately struck me as a better solution than a SOT. The storage capacity of a SOT is limited and getting one of them onto a rack is a chore I would not even want to imagine. Especially compared with a 22 pound pack canoe.

I found the various changes - all of which came from an insistence on making something work that many here including some SOT folks said was not really a good fit - were challenging.

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Holy Moly! I have a pack canoe then. It’s the old towne sportsman. I recommend that to people often. I’ve taken it thru a solid class III section once–by accident–so they can be capable. As it has no flotation, I’m going to put bags in it. That is essential IMO if one is going in rivers as I saw mine disappear under a strainer. I had my hand on it, so I figured if it was big enough for that to go through, it was big enough for me to go through.

Old Towne did not help by describing it as a hybrid, just looked at it, and purists may argue that it isn’t as correct as the Buckeye or Placid Boatworks offerings. But at $3400 a pop I doubt you want to take the latter into a river where it could get caught under a strainer.

But you get it - the Sportsman has many of the ease of paddling advantages of a kayak with decent storage for its length if properly equipped, and would likely be a fairly convenient portage with a yoke. Why start an argument to make a SOT work for the variety of needs that eventually were stated is beyond me.

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