My 6 year old grandson paddling alone for the first time

He handles the kayak nicely. Well done!

That gave me a smile. Good job getting him started.

Love it. I have pics from my grandson paddling for a mile and a half in 15 mph winds.
I had such pride in him. He groused but he was proud too I think

Yeah man!

Here is my Grandson paddling a few weeks ago

I’ve posted this before, but an encore is appropriate. Granddaughter 2 years ago, she has progressed, but don’t have a current video.

The bestest memories being made! Love those little boats and paddles. Kids are pretty special as well!

The Piccolo is 13’6" X 20.5", and it makes it easy for kids to maneuver, the paddle I had specially made by ONNO paddles, it’s a kids paddle, carbon fiber shaft, plastic blades and 2 piece adjustable length and feather. It’s a shame the Piccolo is no longer made, it’s a great boat for kids and small adults. I have two of them, bought the second one 4 years after the first. All three grandkids have paddled them, I’ve given them instruction, but so much of it is intuitive.

Here is photo of my other granddaughter, she’s 7 but small and slight and moves the Piccolo easily.

Lucky kids to have a granddad like you, Andy. That Piccolo looks like a sweet boat.

The twins…I’m the lucky one!