My apologies to

Bowler1, Georgia Kayaker, and others for taking offense to their replies. I am posting this in the original thread but repeating it here in case some posters do not go back to the original post.

What started the GP paddle float thread was the fact that I was doing rolling and rescue practice and managed to break my relatively new GP. This was a purcased paddle ($200) so I was very upset. Breaking it was totally my fault for doing something really stupid while trying to do a paddle float re-entry. I was in a really bad mood when Bowler1’s and GK’s replies came and I over reacted.

I sincerely hope Bowler1, GK, and others will continue to reply to my posts as I value the knowledge available from the people who post on

Next time I am upset with a reply I will write it all done and then hit the “Reset Form” button. Or better yet maybe I will just “Shut up and paddle”.


Mark J. Arnold.

Way to man up and take responsibility. Kudos.

I hurts to break paddles …
I’ve broken two, my favorite most recently this past July while working on forward finishing rolls. I just returned from the lumber yead with three blanks. It hurts less if you make your own and the supplies only cost $15.


Supplies are cheap but
the emergency room bill when I play with sharp objects is more than the cost of purchased paddle:)

Some of us just do not have the tool gene.


Mark, Mark, Mark

…no apology needed.

Many times humor is misconstrued on not apprciated when offered at the wrong time but anyone who gets offended by comments on these boards needs to get a reality check on life.

Sorry you broke the GP which I sure was a frustrating shock. Maybe one of these I will own one and I’ll try to remember your thread so I’ll be careful.

Paddlin’ on


hey–it’s pnet
don’t worry about it, none of us are real here anyway

agree no apology needed
you are just as entitled to a bad day as the rest of us.


A bad day ???

I haven’t had a bad day in soooooo long I don’t remember what one is or would be like.

Paddlin’ on


You have to …
…work a lot harder to insult GK. :wink:

no bad days??
then what is your excuse??