My Big Plan to Float Esslingen (and other things)

Today is Unification Day and the Germans are all out and about. We decided to walk the river (I decided) and plan our route.

In three years I’ve only seen two other kayaks come through and today I ran smack into four people in spray skirts walking the river. So of course I accosted them and the woman said she will take me if I email her because you need to know the maize so you don’t end up going underground to the bowels of the city.

I like to take pictures of people to get on their good side :blush::+1:t3:

Tomorrow I’m pressuring my husband to kayak Eibsee in Bavaria with me, we’ll see, cross fingers for me. Winters are long here, maybe two more weeks of good weather.




Looks like you are enjoying your new kayak.

Yes, I really am and the weather has been good. Sometimes things just align :blush:

I am going back out early today because I’m still chasing the reflection of the Zugspitze.

We met this nice couple with quite the boat. They were showing me their chairs they built.

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Nice hood ornament!