My butt is wet

…all the time.

I’m sick of it.

Should I drill a hole or two in the seat to allow drainage? Any suggestions (besides stopping before I get to the hull)?

“Depends” NMN

drilling a few little 1/8" holes might help, but it would be preferred that you stop wetting yourself.

I put a very large piece of flat sponge
approx. 2’ long X 1 1/2’wide X 1" thick [measurements approximate] between my legs (not touching and a bit towards the bow from the seat). This does not impede my paddling in any way and I don’t even know it’s there but it does sop up much of the excess water and keeps my bottom fairly dry.

I use this because I prefer to paddle without a skirt and the drip from the paddles build up over a few hours.

Am I addressing your concern?

“Sitting in Pond Scum”

That was my first ever post after I got my first SOT. I couldn’t understand why my butt had to be wet all the time. It’s enough to make you go out and buy a SINK!

My scuppers were not under the seat but the water would end up there. I ended up filling my scuppers with Marine Tex. I did put in a couple brass hose ends with caps just in case I ever needed to open them, I didn’t.

There must be a better way to support the hull without putting holes in the seat.

That is what I did…
on several tractor style seats in canoes.

It solved the problem real quick.



I drilled
a few holes in the seat of my yak . helped alot to keep from staying wet if some water splashs in.

it’s a…
wet sport!!!

Could you elaborate on that
for 15 paragraphs or so? (You know you want to)

Thanks for the helpful responses
But, I think Rusty hit the nail on the head.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

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I know it's a lame and overused joke - but I never though you'd totally miss it ya sourpuss. Maybe I've just been in S FL in the heart of their target market too long? *L*

On a more serious note, my 700 has a small hole centered in the lowest spot:

I got it
Just thought you would want to discuss the issues of restricted torso rotation or higher center of gravity or added flotation or something.

Updated last reply with seat info
You replied to quick!

Rusty Said
Rusty said you’re wetting yourself. Is that true? Try wearing tight fitting biking shorts. They don’t absorb much water.

On SOT’s, lots of times you can just
place practice golf balls in the scupper holes, no need to fill them with gunk, or buy the high dollar scupper plugs many SOT makers sell.

Not Quite…
Actually if you drill holes in the seat, you don’t need to take as many shore breaks. Just make sure you rinse the boat out after each trip.


That is why SOT have scuppers.
NO shore breaks.

no cotton
No cotton. Wear those nylon bike shorts, and if you must wear undies, keep it to the scant minimum (Gee, you know what I mean).

So even if your butt gets wet, you’ll dry quickly. Also, dark colors, dark grey patterns are the best if you can find them…

Happy sloshing…


Columbia Travel Shorts
Columbia makes these nylon shorts they market for travel, (cause they fold up real small, and they have a nylon mesh lining like a swim suit.) No cotton underware, they dry extremely quickly. Lots of pockets too. I found them at Sports Authority $$$CHEAP, around 10 a pair.

I went beyond
just putting holes in my seat. In addition I bored some holes right through the hull so the water would drain right on out.

Funny though, the boat seems to ride a little lower in the water since I did that…hmmm.