My canoe runs on water

I am looking at a Mad River canoe, SN MAD6X119B696-K. Can anyone tell me the weight>. The canoe says Kevlar composite, and has wood gunnels.

Model and length?

The canoe Canoe is a Mad river Malecite, 16’6" kevlar composite with wood gunnels.

There is this really neat site called Google

I searched and the first hit was the mad river site with the weight clearly listed.

I looked at one of their sites, but the site was from 2008. The canoe is a 1996 so I’m not sure if the weight is relevant. The site I was on said 51#, but doesn’t say if that was wood or aluminum gunnels.

Their site shows a weight difference between the two.

Either way, it gives you an idea. If it is critical, bring a bath scale and weigh it at the seller’s

mike93lx, my problem is at 79, a little more weight could make or break me.LOL I did see that the weight was 47#, but wood could add about 3# more. I had a WeNoNah Spirit II that I sold about 10 years ago and it was 54# so I guess I’m going to buy the Malicite. The reviews for it are excellent. Thanks for the reply’s, and God bless!!

If weight is critical, you can go way lighter.

I have a 14 footer being made that will be in tbe low 30’s and my wife has a 10.5 footer that is 13 lbs.

Carbon/Kevlar can be very light

IIRC my 1999 Kevlar Malecite with wood gunnels weighs 52 lbs. As mike93lx says, there are certainly lighter tandems being made. It is a matter of choosing relative priorities of weight and price.

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