My canoe throwline is dead

It was a Wildwater Designs bag, circa 1980. The urethane coating on teh nylon is all sticky, teh white polypro rope is stiff and kinky so that it will not deploy well.

So I’m in the market for a new one. I’m thinking 70-75 ft. Drainage panel to limit bucketing upon rettrieval.

I don’t care to pop for Spectra rope. I am surprised to discover that the NRS bags have only 3/8" polypro rope - seems a bit small for river rescue.

Who? is using what? for river trips? I would also be using this on WW rivers, sometimes for rafting. Do you think that 3/8" polypro is too small?



It depends, do you use your throwbag only to rescue people swimming in the river? Then I would say that 3/8 is fine even though a thicker line would surely feel nicer on the hands. But really, my guess is that the person you are rescuing would break long before the 3/8 thowline.

But if you use your throwbag (inappropriately in my book) to release pinned canoes, then you might need a stronger rope.


3/8" is thick enough typically…

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Anything thicker and it's a big bag that you have to lug around. I personally use the NRS 70' 3/8 poly bag. If you plan to use the rope with a z-drag kit to unpin boats, 3/8" Spectra rope really is the way to go even though it is pricey.

Harmony 70’

That’s the bag I carry in my open boat. Too big for my decked boats otherwise I’d carry it there too.

3/8" poly is plenty for hauling in swimmers, but if you add any mechanical advantage for boat recovery the stretch – and potential recoil – gets scary. That’s when it’s nice to have the Spectra core.

Professional shore-based rescue teams use 1/2" static rope, but that’s too bulky and heavy for most paddlers.

Northwater big throw bag

I have a few of there bags and they are great. I really like the traditional barrel. You can get them from Rutabaga in the USA, Mountain equipment Co-op in Canada (just companies I have had good experiences with, I am sure there are many other good dealers)

The diameter of

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the rope on your throwbag doesnt matter Its your companions throwbag that has to have the thicker rope ...follow?