My canoe was stolen

Howdy. A friend suggested that I post a few details here regarding the theft of my canoe - a 1986 16’ Sawyer, red with gold “OSCODA” mid-ships on both sides. PA registration PA 9226 CH. I live in Pittsburgh. If I can’t find it, I’d like to find another, it was the perfect boat for me. Thanks

Take a real good look …
Take a real good look around your neighborhood if it was stolen from your yard. I once had a canoe stolen from me when I lived in a mobile home park, the canoe was chained with a bicycle lock to the tongue of the mobile home. Chain was cut, canoe was gone…

I found the canoe in the backyard of a mobile home several blocks away, freshly painted with grey latex house paint. I confronted the resident of the mobile home, he said his kids had “Found it”…

I was able to identify it because they had painted over several bumber stickers I had on the boat.

The boat now looked horrible, so I repainted it camoflage with several cans of spray paint, flat black, olive drab and brown.

Anyway, I hope you recover it, if it was stolen from your yard, take a good look around your neighborhood…

Good advice. I’ve been thinking contractors - you know cutting grass, roofing etc., but the check around the hood makes sense. I tend to get tunnell vision sometimes. Sounds like a good recovery on your part RE the paint job.

Now That Sucks!
That sucks big time. I hope you find your canoe. I wonder if someone took it for a joy ride as they do with cars and will leave it somewhere??? I hope so.

This may be a pain in the butt, but, you could keep an eye on Craig’s list to see if it’s being sold.