my custom made gear

i’ve posted on here that i just got a new p+h scorpio lv…well being only 5’1" it’s a struggle at times to hoist it up on my shoulder…then it digs in (those damn bra straps don’t help) also it hits me right in the ribcage and briuses on the forarms when i scoop it up and lift it onto my hully. so i custom made some padding that make it alot more comfortable. i went to the local dollar store and bought these auto sponges stacked 2 together and stitched a faux car chamois around them…they look pretty professional if i say so i place on my shoulder for when i place the kayak on it and the other one for the ribcage that one i stitched an extra piece on the back and ran web strapping thru’ and added a clip buckle. so it’s adjustable and can strap it right were i need it most. and for the fore arms i bought 2 of the round microcloth covered auto sponges and stiched elastic to them …now they slip right up on my fore arm…voila’ padding in 2 seconds…no more bruises or sore spots. makes it alot more fun. has anyone else made their own gear? was thinking of making a paddle bag next…anyone made one for themselves?

Good work. Because of differences in
shape and balance, kayaks can require custom work to pad the cockpit for carrying.

yes and i can adapt
it to any of our kayaks.or lend them to someone struggling with their boat.

Paddle bags are a piece of cake
I’ve sewn several, mostly with scraps, low cost and ecofriendly…

tow line bag
I have made several items for kayaking (and endless ones for backpacking) but the simplest one and most cost saving was the tow line.

Most locally available towline bags are poor in design, expensive and some are terrible quality.

Since I have boxes and boxes of Cordura ® and ballistic nylon I have designed and made my own one.

The result is a much more compact bag that sits exactly where I want on deck (no universal fittings that try to accomodate for different kayak design/uses).

The line is thin Dyneema that floats.

Admittedly it’s not friendly on the hands if you had to hold onto it but so far I have never seen anybody hold onto a towline while sea kayaking.

Needless to say that is so much cheaper than the Valley towline (comparable in design/features).

But where I really saved a lot of money is on the siliconized nylon tarp that locally retails for $300!.

Mine was about $60 with material imported from Idaho.

For detailed instructions on the tarp:

thanks for the directions
that may be my next project.

paddle bags
i was thinking this would be easy…did you put a zipper in it? zippers take me awhile…not that patient w/ them.

No zippers
Just a flap at the end with the blades with some webbing and buckles.

Do you have a dedicated zipper foot for your machine? These can help.


yes i have a zipper foot…but it’s so much easier if no zippers are involved…i think i can make something like that.