my dad's buying a kayak

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well, He's not into kayaking like me but he's going kayakin with me soon. Since he's not into it, he just wants a simple coleman 1-Person Inflatable Sport Kayak With Paddle. affortible, portible, basic, ECT. How much weight can it carry ??? THANKS A LOT :-) !!!

Can he rent something?
This has trouble written all over it.

It looks unstable and hard to control. The durability factor also concerns me. I realize he doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a once or twice a year outing but he (and you) also want an enjoyable experience. The last thing you want your dad to experience is problems. It will turn him away from the sport forever.

Does he like to swim?
Years ago my husband (then boyfriend) and I bought an inflatable raft to take out on our local lake. It looked pretty sturdy, and had multi chambers. We used it a few times before it somehow sprung a leak. We were out in the middle of the lake slowly deflating, and paddling like mad for shore. Lots of fisherman had a good laugh at our expense. I wouldn’t do that again.


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were talking about the LIQUIDLOGIC stingray 14 right ???? Because it's as wide and long as mine and mines stable.

is a fine boat, as all the LL’s are.

thanks awdiwo !!!
:-). out of all the kayaks at mountain shop ,where we purchused my Pamlico 140, He liked the stingray 14 best.

I saw a Liquid Logic 12’ or 14’
on a lake last summer. It seemed to move fairly quickly for a rec yak (could be due in part to the fellow paddling having a decent stroke).

Good luck to your dad (and you with the new Pamlico).


Coleman ?
I would not buy anything made by Coleman. I have found Coleman products in general to be KA KA !

Palmlico 140
I like your enthusiams for paddling and all your recent posts. I am glad your pop is not getting an inflatable.

The Liquidlogic sounds good, but why not just find one on pnet ads or eBay close to you and try to get a bargaion, rather tahn finding a specific boat and paying full price. For the amount of paddling he’s likely to do, you might consider that instead.

Another option: you sound very avid – even fanatical – about the sport, and if you are like the rest of us zealots, you’ll want another boat yourself for sea yaking, and to allow friends and family like your Dad to accompany you. Maybe you deserve the new boat? Something stealthy and fast and tippy but braceable. Your Dad can pump the Pamlico. Hmm.


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I just recently bought the pamlico 140. I'm very satisfied with the pamlico 140. Out of all boats I saw in ft. collins, I chose this one. So It's brand new. And I just love it so much.

My dad also prefered the stingray 14.

If your dad likes it, get it

I just…
He just sat with me at the computer and he wanted to see the pamlico 120. He claimed that he likes stingray 14 best. They have a lime colored one and a dark red one at mountian shop (retail area of my pamlico 140).