My daughter - soon to take lessons

Very excited - my daughter has been in my folder before and really enjoyed it. She hasn’t had much of a summer vacation - her mother has been pretty sick and that has impacted their ability to travel.

I talked to her about some weekend alternatives and she asked about kayak lessons. I checked Aqua-Adventure’s calendar and they have a Sea Kayaking 1 class on Aug 9th. I sent Jake a note and asked him to hold a spot for her so it looks like a done deal. We’ll take care of the payment tomorrow and then make hotel reservations.

I’m pretty excited! We had pizza with Jenn and Jake last Dec. and she enjoyed meeting them. I think Robyn was very much impressed with Jenn’s accomplishments - I know I am!

Good Dad
and make sure she wears her PFD. At least she won’t hear “Do as I say, not as I do” from you and I hope she has a great time.

Paddlin’ on


Hey - once I was on the river alone, I’ll have you know that I did wear my pfd at all times - even when sleeping. :wink:

Good stuff

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I’ve been paddling with my daughter since she was six (she’s now 14) and we have a blast together. We just got back from a week together on the west coast of Vancouver Island where we paddled up to 15 miles each day. It’s a great thing being able to paddle with your kids.

Lessons are a fantastic idea. My daughter’s skill level has improved huge, especially over the last couple of years. Here’s a video clip of her learning to roll this past spring:

I recently bought her a dry suit – now we can paddle year round together. :slight_smile:


Is she doing the 3 part class ?
I usually see the the folks doing the surfzone training on Sunday mornings.

I think that first day is gonna kill her so I’m not going to sign her up for that part.

I did the surf portion on a Sunday back in Oct. I clearly need to improve in that area but I did enjoy myself.

Come on down to the Marine room
Usually some folks playing there on weekend mornings.

Surf is likely small this time of year.

…but not this trip. We have to hussle back to PHX - she has a service that she has to attend but like Arnold, we’ll be back. Next time - I promise.

need to come this way
SC is calling you…

SC is in my blood…
From Gilbert’s peach festival to Lexington to my grandparent’s old farm to the earthern dam at Lake Murry to the big town of Irmo and all the Johnson’s that are my relatives, I love SC.

I’ll ask my sister to let me know when the family is getting together again and we’ll use that to leverage a trip to come and see you and the family.

And go kayaking.

You are the best dad ever! You can see the sheer delight and her confidence growing. Great film!

my kids, 5 and 2
just watched it five times in a row!