My dh and I just started Kayaking and

want to get a tandem boat, we are looking at inflatables as it would be easier to take with us when we go camping? Is there any recommendations taht anyone can give as to a good one? We thought about getting a hard shell but with the camper and the motorcycle, it would be too much we think, we tow with a dodge ram 1500?? any ideas? are inflatables allowed most places that hard side one are?? We dont have alot to spend on this right now, so what is a good price for a decent kayak? thanks

You have a lot of questions…
…and it sounds like a lot of uncertainty.

First I don’t think you will be too happy with an inflateable.(they are hard to control in the wind)

Second the average couples enjoy single kayaks more than tandems, (they don’t call them “divorce boats” for nothing)

Third you should try various kayaks out before just jumping to any old one, (find a place that rents them and try a bunch to see what you like).

Fourth a decent used plastic solo kayak will run between four and six hundred dollars.

How about the option that a bunch of us here on P-net started with: 9 foot plastic recreation kayaks. Get two solos. You can get them new starting at around $300 each.

It doesn’t help on the inflateables, but it might give you some ideas.



Definately solo’s

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You will have much more fun with two small rec kayaks than a tandom. Tandoms require sychronized paddling and only one person can be the commander. I don't know what a dh is but if its a wife or sweethart and you want to retain the relationship, get two.

dh = dear husband

For tandem get a canoe
A canoe is great for tandem and solo. A tandem kayak is not very good as a solo boat and requires perfect timing so you don’t hit each others blades all the time.

thanks for answering
thanks for you insight, dh is short for dear husband, or damn husband depending on the mood, haha. We did not consider getting 2 solos, why are they called divorce boats?? interesting, I did yell at him for getting me wet. Are the solo ones easy to manuaver? I guess I kinda liked the idea that if I got tired he could take over. With solo ones I cant get tired, or are the easier to move along compared to the tandems? I was looking at the inflatables for the ease of taking them with us camping, some of the newer ones seem pretty nice, supposely they will go just like a hard shell. We def. just want some inexpensive ones to start, what are the recreational ones you are talkinga bout that are about 300$. thanks again

Take a look at Pakboats. They’re not too expensive and some can be paddled covered (decked) or uncovered, and fit in a bag.

dh = dumb husband
depending on how the wife feels at the moment. :smiley:

Divorce Boats!
We have always referred to Tandem Kayaks as divorce Boats! Go for two and stay together.

Good Luck!

check retal shops
and the classifieds on this board and your local paper. A used boat or 2 could save ya some dough too.

Bumper sticker…
“Paddle Solo, Sleep Tandem”

My tandem kayak is better solo
than my tandem canoe is solo.

I can handle my Phoenix Vagabond tandem/solo kayak much better solo than I can my Wenonah Solo Plus tandem/solo canoe. My Old Town Loon 160T was also much easier to handle solo than any tandem canoe I’ve paddled, and so was my Perception Keowee II.

I realize that your statement was intended to be a generalization, but I think it’s a little too general.

Yes, I have an inflatable
I am very pleased with my inflatable. I can take it on every camping trip regardless of the vehicle I am taking. I can even fit it into my bike kid trailer and take it to local lakes on my bike.

Yes, it is not a hardshell and I would really like a 17 foot hardshell.

But for me, a hardshell would be a garage queen with all the other gear I need to take camping. I do not even need to unpack my inflatable until I need to use it. I also plan to tour using the inflatable some day, but not this season. Yes, if you are going to tour extensively get a hardshell.

My boat is 14 foot long so there is no need to sync the paddles unless you want to. There is also little chance of one paddler getting the other wet. Most of my family members would not go on a kayak if not for my tandem. The boat handles very nice solo too.

It all depends on your lifestyle. If you are going to kayak, get a hardshell. If you are going anyway and want to kayak, consider one of the many inflatables or folding kayaks. They are very little burden to bring along.

what kind of inflatable do y ou have??
I am curious as to what type of inflatable that you have?? I have looked at several and have narrowed it down, but now we might wait till spring to see what Costco gets in. thanks for answering

Decent Inflatables
The Helios 380 is a nice boat. Handles well and not too much of a slug

What kind of inflatable do I have?
I have a SeaEagle PS435. Not really a kayak or a canoe but a very nice boat to paddle with one or two Kayak paddles.

plastic rec boats
It sounds like you’re focusing on the inflatable … and they probably are easier to transport. However, to answer the earlier question about 9-foot recreational boats.

I have a Perception Swifty (a little red one) that cost about $360 or $370 and I’m very pleased with it. There are cheaper ones out there, but remember the saying “you get what you pay for.” A lot of little things add up: you definitely want adjustable footpegs, some deck rigging is handy to carry stuff, my seat has a nicer/adjustable backrest than cheaper models, the hull shape (or whatever you call it) will make a difference in how it tracks (goes straight).