My favorite kayak I got for $800, good boats are there good prices.

Current Designs Extreme in Kevlar with good polishing. One new hatch strap, new hatch seals. I also moved the seat back and install. CD wife base seat and move it backwards for easier exit and entry. The cockpit is 29.5" x 15.5" so tight for me at 6’-0" 230 lb. Now this is a HV model 3/4" higher deck which helps too. Fits great now and I can get my legs out easy at beach.

I turned seat back upside down to get it back a little further. Very comfortable. Took seat pad out I like it better like that easy to slide in and rotate when paddling. Seat has nice flex on front edge very comfortable unlike hard seat bases.

Sweet deal indeed!


Very good deal! Have fun with it!

It started at 1800 on eBay then 1200 then I said list it for 800 and it’s gone. Thanks great yak I have another Extreme but not HV

Waxed it after a fun day just love it.

Same thing for me I was able to but a QCC 500 for $800. It just needed a buffing and some new deck cord, and looks great. If you have patience for a deal to come up, and maybe travel a little deals can be had.

$150. For the Piccolo I just bought!

Patients, luck , persistence.