My feet don't leak

It worked. My NRS Extreme dry suit had started to leak at the feet seams (which REALLY pissed me off since my feet always go in the water when I paddle). I bought some Aquaseal sealant and painted it onto the seams and PRESTO… no more leaks.

I know, I could have sent the whole thing to NRS and they would have given me a new suit w/latex feet, but the rest of the suit was fine. So I salvaged a perfectly fine dry suit instead of throwing it away because I COULD get a new one.

I am green, and it was easy.

You will have to try that
on yer butt next time it’s leakin…

Future generations…
…of paddlers thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Keepin’ a 4 season old fabric booty extreme as a spare, as I bought 2 new ones for me and aaron since his zipper went kaplooey.

Talking with their rep., he recommended a few things.

1)store the suit with the zipper closed. Never fold the zipper.

2)303 fabricguard works for restoring repellency

3)McNetts tech wash works well

3)McNetts zip care works as well

Here’s to more years of relatively dry paddling.

Mine don’t leak either
Which is good, cause I think the blood loss would be serious due to gravity.


Happy April 1st!

Store with zipper closed??

– Last Updated: Apr-02-10 6:03 AM EST –

Website says to always store with zipper open.

"For prolonged storage of dry suits and dry tops store with zipper all the way open, even the relief zipper. If left closed for long periods, the zipper's sealing elements can take on a "compression set" making them less effective."

The zipper woud be less likely to fold if it was stored closed - maybe its the lesser of two evils.

zipper closed?
yeah, hits me kind of funny, too, especially after those park and play or high output paddles wear I’m sweatin’ my nards off…I’m thinkin’ to leave it open, haven’t had a problem with my zipper yet after 200+ outings, and I’d hate to slip into a world of anaerobic, light fearing biological activity.

NewBoston with the new suits today. More like body armor than cold deterrent ;-). Hold the blood and pee in, so no-one notices.

New suits are softer than the old ones; kind of like the canvas feel of the old ones on runs like todays.

I always store w/zipper open
I just make sure it’s not folded at zipper, and I fold it very loosely and don’t stack stuff on top of it.