My first kayak

I paddled an older wooden frame folboat years ago in BC…now am in the NWT of Canada, and outside my front door (literally, believe me)are chains of lakes running north to the Arctic Ocean and south to Yellowknife.

I would think my paddling will be done alone…I have no desire for whitewater, just to explore the lakes around the community, for 2-7 days at a time.

I am 57, 5’7", around 190 lbs…I am thinking of a Cooper or a Yukon from Folboat, but would like some opinions from the pro’s and more experienced out there…please…this is a big investment for me, both in terms of money and especially as to safety.

If I am being dumb, tell me…I am long past the “I can do anything in life” thing…

I would add it has to be foldable- we are an air only community, ice road maybe 2 months of the year.


Can I come?
Sounds like some great adventures! There are a number of people here familiar with foldable kayaks. They’ll chime in soon.


Arcticfox- Don’t say that
"If I am being dumb, tell me…I am long past the “I can do anything in life” thing…"

I am 56 (your age), took up paddling a few years ago and can do anything in life and so can you.

Best of luck.

The Cooper and the Yukon will both work. Depends on you your needs. The Cooper will be faster and better in the wind, but it will probably carry less than the Yukon. The Yukon will bw wider and more canoe like. But with either boat you can tow a smaller inflatable with your gear in it.

And you might consider an inflatable instead of a folder for the same price range as a Folbot. Innova Seeker or Sunny. Innovas are very durable. Also Sevylor xk 17 – self bailing.

and they did chime in…I was off rading on effects of immersion…this is going to be drysuit country all year round…


I can…
Thought I could…already taken on type 2, beat that on diet alone…numerous other fun things…son who was addicted (saved him)…I can do this too…

Nice to know, and be reassured on that!


Inflatables and coopers…
Thank you…I will check out the inflatables…my concern is coming in to land…most coastlines here are rock, rock, rock with lots of brush nearby… I thought that the folder would be sturdier than an inflatable in those circumstances. I have no idea…which is sturdier?


Klepper Pouch Nautiraid and Fujita
Long Haul are some other readily available boats to check out. Falhawkes from Japan are pretty cool too. A new company from Poland, Wayland is getting good grades. maybe ask on

I own 3 folders presently, A Khatsalano and Kahuna and a 40+ year old Klepper used on Alaskan rivers. I am reskinning with a Wayland skin

you have email…

Some of the better inflatables have
reinforced hulls. Folding kayaks have reinforcement strips on the underside. You can also paint or glue your own reinforcement on any boat.

Shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Sharp shells and other sea life can be damaging. But it sounds like you will be in fresh water.