My First Longboat Surf at the "Homebreak"

My homebreak is a pretty small, with about three main peaks, over a pretty stable rock and boulder bottom. I have surfed this break only with my waveski to respect the locals and the small line-up. However, with temps expected to record out at 90 plus degrees, and low tide coming in mid-morning, I decided to give it a go with the Sterling. Actually, I intended to paddle out to an offshore reef and surf that by myself, as I fully expected to the inshore reef line-up to be packed with boardies given the hot weather. With the off-shore reef becoming more exposed at low tide, I figure the small 2.5’ waves should still have a chance to break over the shallow but still submerged reef. This proved true. Unfortunately, the waves were coming from two different directions: NE and SE. Combined with the uneven contour of the reef, it was really hard to get a good fix on where the waves would stack and break.

After almost an hour of frustrating surfing, I paddled back towards the inshore reef where the locals normally line up. To my surprise, as I paddled farther in, I saw clearly only two boardies in the line-up. So, I did a first for me after over a decade of surfing the homebreak – I paddled myself to the peak on the side of the boardies’ line-up and began surfing with the longboat. Had a decent hour of waves before I called it quits. It was just getting just too darn hot under the noon-time sun.




What are you using to hold the Go Pro? I broke ~ 6 standard mounts last year, in the surf. I took a couple beat downs last year, trying to side surf with a tethered camera. Camera basically snatched me over, in zipper surf. My main area has lots of zippers. Going to try RAM mounts, this year.

Yeah… I lost my first GoPro to Neptune using the plastic stuck on base. It snapped in the surf zone. Yes, the camera was tethered… to the base that snapped.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m currently using the RAM suction cup base. It’s held on both the kayak and the waveski. Still use a tether. Two tips to make the suction more effective: make sure both the surface area and the suction cup are clean; and, leave some drops of water on the suction area to help create better airtight seal.


I have that suction cup mount, but was hesitant to trust it. We do not have much clean surf, in my main inlet. It is a pinball machine of zippers, most days. Lots of blind side waves, especially last year.

Also like the spare paddle set up. MacGyver that yourself?

Again, use a tether but the RAM suction is surprisingly strong. I can lift the whole back end of the kayak by pulling up on the RAM mount. I left the suction on the kayak to see how long it would hold. Without the cleaning and water drops, the suction will stay on for about a couple of hours on its own. With the cleaning and water droplets, the suction held through a night into the morning.

The paddle saddle (“britches”) is just two plastic tubes (1.25" shopvac extension wands) screwed and tied onto pieces of plastic to keep them together.


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Here is a view of the “homebreak” from the shore from over decade ago. Because of the rock and boulder bottom, the break has remained fairly consistent over the years. Subtle changes happen only after really MAJOR nor’easters. As you can see, the jetty sticking out into the water has really taken a beating over the years and is no longer as well held together.