My good deed for the day

-- Last Updated: Aug-19-06 11:09 PM EST --

Was out pleasure paddling on Puget Sound today at a family picnic. I ended up near a public boat launch and noticed the man yelling a a boat a couple of hundred feet off shore and floating a couple of thousand feet down wind. The person in the boat was a young 20's man and the boat was silent. About a 17 foot outboard. Aparently it had died and would not restart and I heard the man on shore say "just paddle it back". Say no more I thought and headed towards the motorboat. When I got near, I asked the guy if he had a rope. He said yes, you offering a tow? Sure, why not I said. So after tying it around my waist, I noticed the motor said Black Max on side of it. Well, the Black Max of the day was my carbon fiber Ikelos paddle and proceeded to turn the boat into the wind and paddled him back to the boat launch. Folks were outside their porches and on the beach snickering and taking pictures. I look over and shouted, he aint heavy, he's my brother! and got the kid to shore. The older guy eventually got the boat started and off they went. Good karma was spread. It's payback time.

Actions speak louder than words.
It’s nice to know there are people like you out there. Good work. It will pay off. Be patient.