My July 4th Haul

Took the 3 man kayak out with my wife and daughter in a little cove on the bay side of Galveston Island. Set out at a leisurely 8:30. Pulled into some skinny water (~2 ft) and grabbed some finger mullet in the cast net. Then free-lined them on hooks tied straight to the line. Within 10 minutes my wife has hooked what turned out to be a 26" redfish. I help her boat it, stick it in the cooler, and go back to fishing. It’s rare enough for me to catch one keeper size red in these waters, so I am thinking maybe we can call it a good day and head in, but decide to do a little more fishing anyway. I am out of the boat, wading up to my rib cage, when less than 10 minutes later, I get a big bite. Reds are great fighters, it’s pulling this way, pulling that way, then running straight ahead away from me before suddenly doubling back and swimming right between my legs. Exciting fight, then I got that second red in the boat. Two reds each around 2 feet long are a lot of meat, even for the 4 adults, 1 17 year old, and 1 8 year old I was feeding that night, and I don’t like frozen fish, so this time I did call it a day. Of course my fish was only 23", smaller than my wife’s. There’ll be no living with her after this.

Awesome day out, thanks for sharing! Always great to come home with meat!

Oh yeah, grilled 'em “on the halfshell”
(fillets with skin and scales still on, grilled scale side down, no flipping) with a ginger lime compound butter. The next day I used the leftovers to make a smoked redfish dip (a dash of liquid smoke for flavor). I also put the carcasses in the crab traps and the next day had blue crabs and stone crabs for dinner.