My kayak trailer

Is also a motorcycle trailer !

A trailer like this is great for doing self-shuttles. It is a small trailer that holds two boats on the right side and my Suzuki DR 650 on the left side. I am building a rack for the left side that is removable so the trailer can carry 4 kayaks also. I go on all day river floats by myself seeking river smalies and pike.

And it’s nice to be able to do a nice river trip without shuttle help.

I’ve done the same thing, except I put the motorcycle (Yamaha V-Star 650) in the middle with the two kayaks on either side. Someday, I’d like to get a smaller bike that would be easier to load and would take up less room.

It works for me !

When I get rich and famous !,

I want a nice motorhome to travel about in with my wife. The kayaks on the top and the bike on the back rack, with a real tiny car folowing behind.

Since I lived on boats before I will have no problem with the confinement of a nice motorhome.

My favorite boat that I have had was a 30 foot Columbia Masthead rigged sloop, I lived on that one for 8 years. It was great anchoring off the embarcadero with a boat load of gackers (my freinds !), grilling carne asada and watching santana ! Or being in the line up of spectators watching Dennis Conner rip on all those sloops with his big Catamaran !

Pics please!
I’m getting ready to do the same with my bike trailer. Mine is 8.5’ x 5’ inside the “bed”. I hadn’t thought about leaving room for the bike! I’d need room in the middle for my Electraglide, but it should be doable.

I had in mind that the side racks (kayaks) could be made to haul the kayaks on edge, and maybe a center (high) rack for the canoe. (we have 3 kayaks and a canoe)

I’d love to see pics!

I don’t see any way to post pictures
on this forum, The best I can do right now is to invite you to email me via this forums email link on the side of the posts , or what the heck just email me at my regular email address ;

And I will send pics of my trailer and maybe a few other pictures of our piece of western Montana !

with you on the smaller bike
just sold an xr650l and got a kaw klx250s…miss the roar but not the weight

Am thinking of doing the same sort
of thing. I used to have a handy little PWC trailer, but I sold the piece of %#@* PWC! I am planning the conversion of a small boat trailer into a canoe, XR650L and gear hauler. Also thinking of downsizing the XRL. Need something I can hide in the brush after the solo shuttle. Always worry about theft and that 650 weighs too much! I just purchased a little wire welder a few months ago and am planning this “dualsport” trailer to be my next project. BTW, I just love the smell of flux core welding fumes in the morning!

Sent you an email a few days ago…maybe it got lost?

If you don’t mind…send pics to

I hope to start my trailer mods next week.


how to

railer sounds pretty intresting. Id love to see some pics of it. I work for and I think my readers would be intrested in seeing the trailer and knowing how you put it together. WOuld you be intrested in ing up a little article explaining how you made it?


Daved Brosche

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