My lost wedding band update

Almost a month ago I lost my platinum wedding band while on the first outing in my brand new kayak. You guys gave me lots of suggestions but we looked and didn’t find it and I didn’t actually find anyone with a metal detector. Well, the husband ordered a metal detector for $160 off of the internet somewhere and it came today. When I got home from work, we headed to the lake since the water is low in the evenings. He went ahead of me and my niece and started looking for the ring with the metal detector.

When we pulled up, I asked him where the stick was that we had used to mark the spot and he showed me and then while still in my kayak, I held my paddle over a spot about 12 inches away from the left side of my kayak and about 6 inches into the water. Remember, the water now was about 4 feet lower than when I lost the ring. Anyway, I said “I think it is here - Look right here!” He did and IT WAS!!! It was under about 4-5 inches of sand/silt but exactly where I said to look. We would have never found it without the metal detector and we are all completely astounded that we found it and that we found it in approximately 30 seconds.

It is now safely on my middle finger where it fits snugly and as you can imagine, I won’t be wearing it kayaking again.

The paddle gods must be giving me credit for doing something right - I’ve never felt so lucky.


You haven’t been muttering “My Precious” lately, have you?

How about sizing it to fit your ring

Some days it does fit my ring finger and on others it flys right off. :slight_smile:

Never Give Up
Congrats! And thanks for sharing your story. Shows what happens when you don’t just feel sorry for yourself & actually go out & try to find what you lost. Now go buy a lottery ticket while your luck is still good!

First time I went kayak fishing mine
popped off as I was tying on painter lines at dusk. It fell right into the footwells of the SOT and rolled to a stop a couple of inches from a scupper hole. Very lucky it didn’t go straight into the water or down the scupper hole.

The wife says, “What was that” and I had to tell her that I almost lost it right there.

Maybe we should put them in our pocketsess…

Mine is also just loose enough that it can pop off sometimes, but I hate to have it cut to reduce it one half size.


So, your advice is that we should
carry metal detectors on the river?

I’ve lost two wedding rings, one in Lake Ontario and one on section 3 of the Chattooga.

My hand rehabilitation colleagues used to tell me NOT to wear a ring on the river, or in any other “action” area. If the ring catches, it can skin your finger like a banana. And I know a person who had that happen on the Gauley. If it happens to you, you can discuss it on the Paddlers Discussion Forum.

I’m so happy for you guys…glad it worked out!

Wonderful !
My guess is your hubby “got lucky” last night after the lights went down low!

I am glad you got it back



that’s why I don’t wear my ring, that and all the gory safety vids of what happens when your ring gets stuck on machinery ect, or what a wedding band can do to a jet engine… yeah I am retired now, but old habits die hard.

Awesome ending!
Some things are just meant to be.


So you are giving advice
Then this is the right forum.

LOL "Precioussssss"
he he he he

For me. Not for the thread.

Turned out…
Turned out much better than the story I heard from a canoe outfitter…

Lady wears a 2 carat diamond solitaire ring on river trip. After spending a night camping on the river, she & her husband start gearing up for second day of paddling. Before they get started, the lady lathers up with sunscreen, rinses off her hands, AND the ring with the 2 carat diamond solitaire.

Downstream a mile or so, she misses her ring.

They do get back to the spot where she thinks she lost it, but they can’t find the ring.

They tell their tale of woe to the outfitter.

He puts them in touch with an ex military diver who lives nearby,in an attempt to find the ring.

Reward is offered.

Ring is never? found? At least she never gets it back.

Supposedly a $15,000.00 stone the way I heard it.

Don’t think the outfitter was lying.

Anyway, I always look over the river bottom when I find myself in that area.

My wife removes all jewelry before river/camping trips.


Clever, that
Very clever; making your ring so it fitteth the middle finger. That way, you can put on tons of weight and it will still fit the ring finger! Cool!

Chuey Canoey

now THAT’S a story for the grandkids!

Congrats! Persistence does pay off. A replacement just wouldn’t have been the same, would it?

Have you ever heard of a ring guard? It’s a ring insert that’s basically a little strip of flexible, springy metal that fits inside the band. The following URL is the first one I came across when I googled it; I don’t know anything about the quality of this particular one, but the photo illustrates it quite well.