My Lovely Drawings - DIY Kayak Trailer

Any obvious problems with this general design?

You might have to view at full size to read the text.

Would like some feedback on the concept or possible improvements or simplifications.

Fishing for ideas… (but not critiques on my poor drawing skills)



Trailer Design
Your design should work great.

The “wings” are a good idea, since mud and junk can be a major problem.

Thoughts: If you made the bed higher, you could have room for a storage box underneath if you want.

I use my trailer a lot in the winter months, and was worried that I would be rear-ended on some dark, sloppy night, since my sea kayaks extend about 6 feet past the rear lights on the trailer. I just added a teloscoping light bar that extends the running lights out about 6 feet. When not in use, the bar slides forward for storage. Not necessary, but handy.

Missing a right wheel

Nice Drawings!
I agree with the light. My boat trailer conversion has one, but it’s not retractible.

I like the telescoping light idea. I’d love to see what you’ve done.

I have gone back and forth on the storage box idea a couple of times and have basically decided that I’d trade off the box for the low lift height. My pickup has a full bed and an extended cab, so storage is not a big deal.

Thanks for the ideas,


It’s supposed to have two?!?
I thought it rode a little low on that side!

jim :wink:

C’mon John
Tell me what you think – give me some real feedback since you’re the master of trailer designs.

Do you think the thick, low density foam will work okay?


Great idea for the pads
Those pads look great. I just posted a question on another thread, and those pads might be part of the answer.


stainless steel supports?
may be overkill unless you have access to some at a cheap price. i have a trailer similar in concept that has a 2x4 treated frame. i’ve used it for many years and a variety of boats including wood skiffs that weighed upwards of 300#

Yeah, I am wavering there after pricing
Aluminum seeemed too light, but I guess some galvanized steel would be okay for those supports.