My Maiden Voyage

I just got home from my first paddle in my new Dagger Stratos 14.5L. What a joy it was to be in. It moved along very nicely and was more comfortable than I hoped. I even managed to get my son to come along in my old / his new kayak which was great.
Looking forward for more adventures soon.

P.S. In the third photo above my son’s bow, on the far side of the lake, is a house that is next door to Sidney Crosby’s house. (for all you hockey fans)


Great when the paddle matches what you had hoped for in a boat! Good shots too, looks like you had a govely day. I tend to prefer a lot of clouds up, less hot and a more interesting sky.

Honestly, I picked up the paddle after I got the boat…couldn’t resist. I have not taken many photos with a GoPro before. It is evident from my finger in most of them. I can use voice commands but I sound like a crazy person talking to my camera.

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