My Necky Zoar Sport is missing the front bulkhead

I recently purchased a Necky Zoar Sport with a solid front hatch. I thought it was just missing the front airbag so I didn’t think anything more of it. I purchased a new airbag but also am looking into adding the front bulkhead and cutting open the hatch. but… I am finding the egg shaped hatch cover is no where to be found.

Any thoughts?

Maybe the airbag is the best and simplest route.

I am confused by your terminology. But rephrasing what the photo shows -

Your boat does not have a hatch, at all. Let alone a hatch cover.

The fact that it does not have that makes sense of it not having a forward bulkhead. That is only needed if you have a dry area up front.

This is an era of boat where the mold was set up to reflect different setups, in your case this was a boat that left the factory not enabled for a front hatched area.

It is more complicated than getting a hatch cover. You would also need a rim, sealent and possibly an inner neoprene cover. Before you even get to affixing a hatch cover.

I suggest you get a float bag, for sure, to fill up the forward area. But you may be able to find bags that operate both as float bags and have dry storage, WRX used to make them, to maximize your use of the forward portion.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, this boat is missing the front hatch hole. I was able to buy the rim and sealant for the OEM hatch but the cover is the missing piece. I bought the foam and adhesive for the bulkhead but I didn’t want to cut the hatch hole until I secured a hatch cover.

OK. If you have all of that makes sense to close the deal. I have to go move a boat, high tide. I will look around online when I get back.

Do you have the measurements?

7" x 10" measured to the outside of the rim

Sorry, I am coming up empty on that shape. Lots of oval but equally rounded. Tried EBay and a shop in Cape Cod that can have some surprises on its shelves.

I did spot one outfit that might be worth calling, at least for ideas. Austin Canoe and Kayak in Austin TX. They seem to have some older items if not that cover.

Thank you for checking. I will call them tomorrow.

Hallo! I have the same problem. Did you reach solution? Can you help me? Thanks a lot

I haven’t found the front egg-shaped hatch cover