My new canoe...

Just got a great deal on a fiberglass 12 footer- I drive an Expedition and decided to just toss it on top. Getting my new boat home yesterday was an ordeal (that’s putting it lightly). I tied that thing up, down, left, right, front to back, you get the idea.

There’s gotta be a better way!!! Somebody tell me what it is!!! I thought about padding the gunwales with a couple of those foam noodle-things you use in a swimming pool… And what about the factory roof racks??? Does anybody know how sturdy they are? I looked like Jed Clampet gett’n that thing home yesteday!!!

get a fulton canoe loarder from cableas or bass pro shop, about 80 bucks, goes in your trailer hitch, has looks lkie a “t” takes about 1 min. to load/unload by yourself

Just put it inside!


What? And put it on the full herd of cow leather required to trim it out?


I drive an expedition

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Get a roof rack. It makes carrying canoe simple. I have Yakima racks on mine. Pop the canoe on top, a couple of straps over the boat and you are set. For longer highway trips I do like bow and stern lines. I hook the bow to the tow rings in front and the stern to the hitch in the back. I have lines with hooks on them pre-made for those. Other than that the NRS straps are the ticket for tie down.

I tried to put it inside but…
I already had my four-wheeler in the back!!! Expeditions are roomy vehicles. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I had a canoe when I was younger, but it just laid by the lake, there no car topping! Just flip it over and jump in. I’ll check out some of the systems mentioned.

Honestly, I guess I could have done a google search for the info, but this is a helluva lot more fun!!!

Hey SloopSailor- -
What part of the Hoosier state you from??? I’m down here in the Bluegrass State- that’s right, God’s own country- KENTUCKY!!!

Hey Bake
You are not the only paddler on the board from Kentucky. I am on the west side of Kentucky Lake not far from the LBL which is a great place to paddle even if you have to drive ( and car-top) from the east side of the commonwealth.


Or, instead of noodles, you can…
…buy foam plumbing insulators similar to noodles but smaller at Home Depot, etc. I’ve used them, and they keep your canoe a few inches lower and easier to lift. Also, if you’re new to this board, check “Places to Paddle” to your left for other folks in your area, or the message board for people looking for paddling companions.

Heeeeey Budd-
I’ve got family down that way, that’s a beautiful part of the state.

redneck squad
. . so you mean you were looking large and in-charge? Righteous? Styling in that backwoods / blackwater sort of way? :wink: