My new kayak - Zegul Greenland GT

I just got a brand new Zegul Greenland GT. It is 17ft-9in long and a 21.25in width beam with a hard chine. Maiden voyage on a very windy day of 20mph so I took it easy and stay deep inside the harbor where it was very calm. Too early to give any real inputs. Seems to be excellent with tracking, maneuverability, and speed. My skirt size was a very tight fit so may have to change that out.



Fast, yeah.
Just got back from my daily paddle (in my Tahe Greenland T). Was paddling at 10mph.

Well, maybe for just a few seconds, and, uh, aided by a (probably) 3mph current.
Though, it is still (relatively) fast - when compared to my other (highly rockered) kayaks.

no pictures :framed_picture::framed_picture::framed_picture: what color is it

enjoy the new ride.

skirt is supposed to be tight. One of you videos the skirt looks loose where water would pool.

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Great looking boat! Sure looks like it would be fun to paddle.

On a side note - would it be an improved support condition if you spread the roof racks a bit further apart? Seems like a lot overhang toward the rear of the vehicle and a line to the the rear bumper would apply quite a large lever.

Edit: Watching the video again I saw that you have a load-assist style rack system. Maybe you are limited to a certain spread between racks?

seems all newer cars the bars are closer and closer together.


The hullavator placement is exactly measured to the specification of my car. It’s been rock solid so far for the kayak. The hullavator itself is another story as it is falling apart from hydraulics to stripped screws

Thanks about the Zegul group!

Mini review now that I have some real mileages with my new kayak. Enjoy! If you don’t care for a kayak review, there is a dancing baby in this video you want to check out

Stability- excellent! Not tippy at all compared to 20” width kayaks. Initial and secondary stability is excellent. Need to test secondary stability more in bumpier waters with wave

Tracking-excellent! Went 3.5 miles in bumpy water ~15mph winds without skeg.

Maneuver/edging-excellent! Turns very easily for a 18ft kayak (17’9” to be exact)

Comfort-Good. Very snug fit as expected. snugness for long paddle of 20+ miles may be more difficult. I expected this. It’s better then sitting in a cavernous kayak.

Self rescues- Not tested but based on stability and low water line, expecting excellent

Rolling-Not tested

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Beautiful boat. Definitely a craft for your enjoyment and development!

If I may, be careful to protect your shoulders in both the high and low brace turns (especially when you taking on rougher waters). Try to bring hand grips closer together and keep your elbows in the “box”. Below are some video tutorials on high and low brace turns:

Enjoy, paddle and grow!


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Also, high vs low brace in rough water:


Sexy boat! Where was this? (Location)

The lines on the boat are really nice IMO.

Like the enthusiasm and photog skill too btw

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square hard chines make a difference in initial stability.

I am interested in finding out which screws you are having trouble with and the hydraulics. I have had a Hullivator for about 12 years…and it has been trouble free. I suspect the hydraulics could be damaged if you had scratches or dents in the shock tube as it would damage the seals. I also think leaving it on the car all the time would expose those same tubes to rust or grime which could also score the seals on the hydraulics. I only leave the Hulivator on my car when transporting…otherwise I remove it and either put ijn the car or leave at home when not needed. I use it on a full size Ford van and there is no way I could get the kayaks on the roof without causing injury. I am 76 years old. I like the ease of the system to get the kayaK on top of the car by myself. Only thing I have found to be a potential problem is you MUST make sure the system is locked down in the side loading position. If you don’t have that secured as you try to lift the kayak off the cradle it will start to swing one end up back into the stowed position. The Hullivatr is easily removed with no tools…just release the single cam “rod” that secuires it on the roof rack that stays on the vehicle.

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