My new SOF- a green rollling machine.

There has been an increase in threads regarding sof’s in the past year. I just completed my sof, and highly recommend building to all…at least once (then you’ll be hooked of course).

I loved building my green sof, a very manageable project, even for an inexperienced builder like me. There are a few fine books available for guidance, as well as a fantastic source of information available at:

My green sof…



Is there a plan available? How much does she weigh? Is rudder or skeg out of the question for SOF?

Thanks swordfish…
And just think…I have minimal building skills. I really believe that anyone can build a kayak if they wish to.

There really aren’t plans for a skin on frame (at least that I am aware of). You build the boat anthropometrically (built according to your measurements and how you want to use the boat). There are numerous excellent paperbacks available that will provide guidelines.

I also found that Rob Boucher’s video to be VERY helpful when I first started. However, after awhile…after reading and searching the postings on: I just continued to build rather intuitively.

The weight of the frame alone was 26lbs. Haven’t weighed the end product, but I suspect it is about 34lbs…EASY to carry. I used a coat of Zar and then two more coats of rustoleum over the skin…which might be a tad heavier than Zar alone.

There are folks who have attached a skeg…there a number of ways to do that. Some strap on a skeg if needed. Others find that attaching a keel strip ‘does the trick’. The only rudders I am aware of are on a few Badarkas designed by George Dyson…though I am sure others have installed rudders as well. I am not a ‘rudder guy’ (nor skeg preferably)…so not an issue for me.

Following is a url with most of the suggested readings/video. If interested, check out the forum listed above and start going through the searches…post questions…and also check out the Profiles section. There are many very talented builders who are willing to share with you.

You will also enjoy the following site. Brian Schultz is an Oregon boat designer/paddler/adventurer with an extraordinary site including pics/suggestions…a brilliant site!

The sof is my second kayak. The first was a hybrid Night Heron designed by Nick Schade. Although I enjoyed building the N.H…the sof was an extraordinary experience…essentially designing your own kayak as you go.

Touch base if you have any more questions.



some are wood frame
Check out this site. Look under “introduction”. Some are wood framed.

Great job Green Arrow(singalong2).

Awesome job!!!
Sure turned out beautiful…the lines remind me of the Arctic Hawk though I realize that was not a planned intention. The green color is nice too but it is your attention to detail that wins the prize. Congratulations and def. be proud of all your effort.

Many thanks Medicineman…
I am REALLY curious as to how she handles…hope to get her in the water this weekend for the first time, will see. I have read on the quqaj forum that it is best to submerge a sof in saltwater initially. The saltwater approach is supposed to lessen the chance of mold developing. Apparently in prior centuries, it was the custom in Ireland to submerge boats in the harbor during the winter, with the knowledge that saltwater submersion decreased decay. Apparently it worked rather well.

If she performs anything like an Arctic Hawk, then I will surely be psyched. Figure if I need better tracking I will tack on a keel strip of oak and that should do the job. Built her for rolling…will see

Will let you know…


thats a beautiful boat. what are its (your) measurements?

thanks dannyB9
length: 16 1/2’

beam: 20"

depth to shear:

fore cockpit: 10 1/2"

aft cockpit: 7 1/2"

I built the masik so that the curve goes over my mid-upper thigh with room to add minicell if need be for a snug fit.

Still need to add a tad of minicell for the lower back.

Hope to see how she handles this weekend…


salt water…
well my Strand will rarely if ever see salt water but Peter did tell me to mix some chlorox in a couple gallons of water and dump it in and slosh it around every now and then----kill the rot causing bacteria…i wonder if a salt water mix would do the same…surely it wood…

Let me know if you need a spotter…
I can get out for a quick one this weekend if I don’t go to Mystic Arctic Boat Festival.


Might fine boat, Bob…
you’ve become quite a builder.

Hope this beauty is all that you hoped for.

Pleasant waters to you and your new kayak.


Will keep that tip in mind…have aleady benefitted from many of Peter’s others tips…

Appreciate that Holmes…
I have been following your building journey and enjoyed your tales of the wild. Kind of interesting how we both started out with Tempest a number of years ago (don’t know if you recall or not)…and have moved onto building.

What are you building next? Might want to give some thought to a SOF at some point…a really fun build…as you truly design your own boat and the simplicity of it all is infectious!

Hope you and your critters are all settled in after the last fire storms…

Be well…


I do remember our similar
beginnings, Bob. I had spent a year going through kayaks every couple of months until I acquired the Tempest. Love at first launch!

I’m currently building a 15’ solo canoe as well as a Little Auk that will go up for auction upon completion to help raise funds that were expended during the wildfire. Our S&R really chewed up the dollars on that one.

I’ll probably try my hand at the SOF next spring. I’d like something just as a play toy on the little local lakes when its really hot out.

All the critters are doing fine back in their proper housing. Lost a few eggs that were in incubation but that’s small potatoes compared to the potential!

Take care.


“play toy…
… on the little local lakes when its really hot out”…

That could describe anything, but to me it doesn’t bring to mind most SOF. You’d be better off with a rotomolded Sit-On-Top for that stuff.

A well built SOF is an exceptional craft. Build a SOF for a fun, simple, and rewarding way to get a custom fit and performance you can’t find mass produced.

Sort of sad to marginalize one to pond play (though many of the rollaholics manage to have a lot of fun on similar venues). Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Whatever. n/m