My new toy for my kayak....

Since I am a beginning lady angler with a kayak I need all the help I can get. Not knowing the depth was making me fish too shallow so I bought a fish finder and now am starting to catch some nice fish. I have to admit I spend alot of time watching the darn thing. I got a hummingbird 210, now I see what the big deal is with them. I am now thinking about a trolling motor…what the heck, you only live once and I enjoy this…Fishing Kate

Sounds just fantastic …
… so , are you catching Muskies or Northern Pike yet ??

They are there (MI) just waiting for you !!

Learn to use that finder…its actually
for finding structure, a good indicator of where fish may be, I’ve not found them to be that great for finding fishing for the most part. Learn how to use your lures or bait, and learn good paddling skills. Then decide whether you need or want that trolling motor. Nothing wrong with a trolling motor, but the skills I mention are the ones that will help you find and catch fish, as well as enjoy your kayak.

The trolling motor helps cover water faster, you don’t have to paddle, but it has a few liabilities. One of those is the weight of the battery…about the same as your kayak. The motor isn’t that light either. Then, you have to figure out how to mount the thing. Rigging it to get ready to go out can be time consuming, especially if you carry your kayak on top of the vehicle. Its easier if you have a trailer or carry it in the bed of a truck, you can leave it mostly rigged.

Just some thoughts and opinions. I’m not anti-trolling motor on kayaks, but you should recognize some of the issues you will face with one.

Electric trolling motors may be quiet above water but are noisy underwater. They will spook fish.

spook fish?
electric trolling motors are a fact of life for many boat anglers, even the pros. they run those things continuously once they zoom to their spots and start dropping the lures. having been on the boats when the pros fish, there’s plenty of fish that swims right by. if the motors really spook fish, then they shouldn’t be catching any.

Consider how many they could catch
without the motor running.

considering the noise from a kayak
being on a kayak isn’t as quiet as you think. since much more of you is in contact with kayak, just about every movement you make the noise is transmitted down into the water. every time you set the paddles on the coaming, put the rod down, snap the deck bungies to remove an item, twist your torso, fart, etc. is heard underwater.

While sound travels well under water
I’ve never been overly concerned about the noise I make, which is minimal. I’m usually casting 40-60 ft from the canoe or kayak and find it doubtful that the small sounds I make are heard by the fish. That’s also why bass fishermen do well when running the trolling motor. They seldom are casting that near the boat.

You sound like you’re having fun!

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Kate, you sound like you're having more fun than most of us and that tickles me. Good for you.

Motor on a kayak (photo links)

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The multi picture link was taken on The Lower Flathead River on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana.
The single picture link is at Eureka reservoir near Choteau in North Central Montana.
Anyone thinking about using a motor on a kayak or canoe should think twice about mounting it on the side of the boat. It could be an accident waiting to happen. I use the radio controlled one and mount it on the stern. I have seen one mounted on the bow and it may have worked but it looked real silly. I don't run my motor while fishing unless I'm trolling a bait way back there. I have bad wrists and elbows and that is why I put the motor on the Cobra Marauder. It is a 45 # thrust, Motorguide wireless model.