My new /used Kayak date of manufacture.

Old Town Nantucket. I’m looking for a Manuel for the rudder system and opinions/advice.

Look at the HIN
Near the stern. Google it. Or use the search function here

I’ve never had a kayak come with a “manual”. Rudders are simple mechanical set ups and careful inspection should reveal how the parts connect and function.

There are quite a few reviews of the Nantucket in the “Review” tab if you want some reads on how it paddles. The model has not been made for some time. As mentioned, the ID number on the hull will give you the approximate age.

two digits are the year

Rudder info

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and even an owner's "manual" can be downloaded here:

No idea if it's relevant to your particular kayak, but it's a start - and you can always contact Old Town.

not really a "manual"
The Old Town “manual” is just general information on warranties and common sense boating safety. There are no model or even boat type specifics in it – in fact the same brochure goes with kayak or canoe.