My new Vela

Went to Rhinebeck and paddled the Vela. Knew right away that it was my perfect boat! Took it on its maiden voyage on the Narrow River near Providence, RI. It was choppy and lots of motor boat traffic. Boat handled beautifully. I know I will love it! Thanks all for your help and especially for telling me about the Vela.

I was checking all day to see if you’d made the jump. Now one little thing - load this boat a little stern heavy if you are carrying weight. And have fun!

Great boat. Glad you hit if off. You will not outgrow the Vela. You should have years of enjoyment in the boat…

Great, now go use it
and go play in many places with it. It will take you anywhere you choose to go, so go many places in safety.

worth the drive, eh? Paddle on :smiley:

Narrow River - new an improved!
The last I was on the Narrow River was six years ago, until today. The flow and topography of the mouth of the river, where it dumps into Narraganset Bay, have changed quite a bit since my last visit. A nice little tidal race now forms there around max ebb. I hope you had a have a chance to play in the race with your new Vela. I had a blast, thanks to Greg Paquin of Kayak Waveology.

Welcome to the vela club :slight_smile:

Still one of the best boats for smaller people!

Vela came home last night
It was definitely worth the drive! Won’t get a chance to use it till next weekend when we go to the Adirondacks. Can’t wait!

Thanks to all for your advice and good wishes!