My next canoe: what say ye?

I would like to purchase a tandem for I’s and II’s [and an occaisional III]. It will be used on rivers primarily, but may see a bit of flat water also. The field has narrowed to:

Bell’s Yellowstone

Wenonah’s Rogue

Old Town’s Appalachian

What are the pro’s and con’s of each? Your input is appreciated. And if you have a used one to sell me, let me know.

So little time…

…so many rivers

You may want to consider the
Nova Craft Prospector. I am no expert but have been researching lately myself. I paddle pretty much the same type of water as you but have paddled kayaks of late. I am leaning towards the 15’ model because I paddle mostly solo but it also comes in 16.

I think the Appalachian is a great boat also. I used to own a OT Scout which is pretty much the same boat as the Appy but not Royalex. The Scout was a great boat but HEAVY!! The Appy is between 10-15 pounds lighter. Good luck!!

Your next boat…
I don’t like being one of those who sees a list of desired boats and then can’t resist saying, “Here’s what you REALLY want!” But when I read your post and list I immediately thought, “Hey, I have another three boats for him to look at!” So, my apologies out front for doing exactly that. Funny thing, however: the first two are the ones discussed by Eric_Nyre and Allsky7, the Wenonah Cascade and one of the Nova Craft Prospectors (and that boat would probably be at the top of my personal list for your described purpose.) The third one is the Esquif Mistral 16 in their terrific TwinTex layup; that is really tough stuff, and surprisingly light. Esquif’s background in whitewater boats really shines through in this tandem. You have some fun decisions to make. Paddle on!

I just bought a Mistral at REI
It’s on sale for $1475 and supposedly weighs only 51 lbs. When it gets here in another two weeks, I hope to find out that it paddles as well as the reviews (here and on CCR) suggest.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to test paddle boats in Dallas, Texas.

Nova Craft Prospector
16 ft, great boat, does a little bit of everything. Great in moving water, but I can only say that for class I’s and an occasional class II so far.

Hey Team–thanks for the input. I will be investigating the boats mentioned. Much appreciated, and hope to see you on the river.


Don’t forget about the
Mohawk XL-15. A great whitewater canoe for less money.

Ranger in Whitewater?
Hi All, I have a 16’ Ranger canoe(Kevlar reinforced fiberglass)

I am mostly paddling around lakes and bays with the family and love it, but I want to take it on the West river in Vermont in late September.

Any thoughts if this canoe will hold up in class II and III rapids? it feels so light im a little worried about wrecking it on a rock.

any advice appreciated!