My Pamlico 140 hatch

does anyone know how the hatch is on the Pamlico 140 ??? 'cuase were getting a rear bulkhead.

Let me guess…

– Last Updated: Mar-15-06 8:15 PM EST – it a hole on the aft deck with an available hole cover one can, if one wishes, use to cover the hole? ;-)

Seriously though, if you're wondering if it's sufficiently watertight, you could just pour a few gallons of water over it and see if any water gets in the boat. In any event, a bulkhead, along with a watertight hatch is never a bad idea, as this creates a watertight space that we call "floatation". Without a bulkhead, you'll either need to fill the entire "storage area" aft of the cockpit with a float bag, or at the very least, stow all your gear in that area with well fitting and *secured* dry bags that might then double as floatation (again, filling up the entire area aft of the cockpit). If there's any room in the bow, I might recommend a float bag be stuffed in there as well. Basically, you want as much secure "floatation" as you can stuff into the boat.


I’m Betting September
Pamlico will have a different boat before the end of September.

Only if he’s 15 years old now
Getting a driver’s license might shift his priorities :wink:

keeping the Pamlico 140
I’m going to keep the Pamlico 140 .

This thread is cracking me up!!!