My phone is freezing me!

Got a new phone that offeres a variety of screen savers, just like the last one . The photos are beautiful, probably taken by pros. I selected mountains.
Almost every photo is a view of rugged peaks covered with ice and snow. I keep wondering what it took to get into that barren, often hostile appearing country.
It makes our damp, cloudy , cool weather seem almost hospitable.
Winter in the South.

Goats take the pics…
You need to come a little further south…

I couldn’t imagine not being able to escape to the remote and rugged mountains. Snow or not.

Those are summer photos.

and it well could be blazing hot… The Arctic and sub arctic has snow on some mountains tn summer but 80 degrees with the sun overhead is wicked hot.

We finally have some weak sun shine but it is quite nippy.

Whilst staring into live oak tree,
those moss beards gray-green gnarly,
the damp pattered into thought and soul,
broken beats of a Robert Marley,

palmettos spike the sullen air,
above risen mud flat,
sun turns away from southern belle,
late-season lovers’ spat,

tide now in its full retreat,
spanish bayonet hold dune line,
Conroy’s prince sighs on above,
muted sun further in decline,

more subtle solstice slips into south,
damp chill will pluck its string,
and chillier images there abound,
cross Marion’s flooded plain they’ll ring.

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Well done with some obvious experience along the coast. Alas, I am 3 hours north of there. A friend who is a northern transplant says he is walking at the beach every day.
In his snowmobile suit.

Well, I contemplated wearing my drysuit today when running my snowblower on my drive. Then decided it wouldn’t be warm enough for our 9F air temp and 20 mph wind, so opted for snowpants, my thick down jacket, gloves with hand warmers, boots with Yaktraks, warm hat and face mask.

Was toasty warm. :snowman_with_snow::snowflake:

Baffled in space
what’s down displaced,
suits her just fine
going up each line,

as impeller shows
in crystalline throes,
what brings back drive
when winter’s alive,

till with goose of wind
the sky will rescind,
and down defeats walk,
winter stoops like hawk.

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Today’s photo is the grand canyon of the Yellowstone. I’ve stood at the top of the falls. It was bright and sunny.
I have a small chunk of Obsidian I found up there.