My Plan B - I went to the Keys

Since the Kiptopeke symposium was a no go, I headed for the Florida Keys instead - my favorite place to paddle. Long trafficky drive down from St Pete today (7 hours to Layton) but I got in a quick paddle at Long Key State Park. Weather is looking a little stormy tomorrow so it will be a wait and see kind of day.


Beautiful. It all looks great including the little blue keys house.

plan b looking really good

Sorry I meant to keep posting pics but was too tired at night when I would get back to the hotel. Food coma from dinner didn’t help either. Anyway, here are some pics from day two, circumnavigating Lower Matecumbe Key with a side trip out to Indian Key. I was hoping to head out to Alligator Reef lighthouse but it got a bit windy. This was a 12 mile paddle.


Last day (Sunday) I headed down to Sugarloaf key to paddle out to the Snipe Keys. I did this exact paddle in 2020 but the water out in the Snipes was all murky from a tropical storm that had passed by in the gulf a week or so before. So I had to go back, fortunately the water clarity was great this time. 18.75 miles total - when I did this paddle the first time it was my longest paddle to date. After two years of EC training and a couple of 40+ mile days, the 19 miles seemed a lot shorter this time!


And finally I had to stop for a quick photo op at the finish of the Everglades Challenge in Key Largo, on my drive home Monday morning.