my predicament

So here is my predicament. I live in Austin and I am interested in the processes of buying a sea kayak. I will be paddling mainly on flat water but I am looking forward to planning trips in all different conditions. The two boats I have found were both used as rentals. The two boats are Necky Looksha and the Dagger Baja. Here are the elements in the equation.

Necky Looksha Sport

-was a rental

-good condition

  • $800

    Dagger Baja
  • was a rental

    -decent condition. Has had some repair work on the stern.


    So what do yall think is the best bang for my buck?

    Thanks a ton

Couple of Things…
One, which boat fit you better?

Second, the Baja is plastic. What kind of repair work are you talking about? Plastic is not easy to repair except by someone with expensive plastic welding equipment.


My wife
and her friend have Looksha sports. They are great handling boats. However, they have one major problem.The older models have no forward bulkhead. I did not think it was much of a problem until she was caught by a sweeper and was dumped. It then floats bow down . . .straght down. . . veritcal! Impossible to rescue. Luckly we were on a river and not to far from shore and could swim it to shallow water. If you get it you should (must) also get some air bags for the bow.

Looksha Sport price is too high.
I like mine, but I got it as a demo for $550 at an Olympic fund-raising auction.

Mine also had no front bulkhead. I got a front hatch kit and used that access to install front floatation.

For flatwater, though, you might want a straighter hull. The Looksha Sport is designed for scooting around rocky areas with surf, not for covering ground.

Check this out
This boat is too small for me, otherwise, I’d offer my bro in Houston a few hundred just to go snag it for me.

Here’s a NW Discover, with accessories for a grand. This is a $2700 fiberglass boat, and there’s maybe hundreds of dollars of accessories, which are particularly useful if that rack fits your vehicle.

This sellar had previously been advertising in the Houston market at $1200 which was a screaming bargain. Now, presumably because she’s inland he or she is down to $1000. Now, none of that matters if the boat doesn’t fit you. But, the point is, keep your eyes open. Don’t just jump on the first bargain you think you find.