My project Old Town Stillwater

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I was given a pretty beat up canoe. She took on tons of water and was beat pretty bad. I decided to breathe some life back into her. I've never done any canoe repairs, so hopefully the project comes out correct and lasts a long time.
Bad bow section
Beefed up the stern keel
Inside of the bow had a fracture.
I started playing around with a camo pattern.
I was bored waiting for epoxy to cure so I gave my girlfriends paddle a paint job lol.
If you guys see any big mistakes or have advice, I fully welcome it. Thanks for checking out my project!

Boat looks good. Message is ugly.
Looks like a pretty good repair job. Are you sure you are a rookie at this?

What’s the black goop you used to fill in the voids?

Your canoe repair job is a lot better looking than your p-net post. Did you try to code HTML or is that a cut and paste from some other web site? Sorry to be busting your chops over formatting, but it is kind of a mess to sort out. But nobody ever paddled a p-net post and your boat looks ready for the water. Victory is yours!


Sorry for the mess!
I used the img code from photobucket. I’ll get it sorted out.

The black goop is like a fiberglass reinforced bondo. I took a lot of time researching how to make the repairs needed. I actually wouldn’t mind fixing up a few more canoes. I find it enjoyable.

Restoration work…
I too enjoy doing a little restoration work on older canoes; specifically “old school” whitewater solos.

But you are obviously a braver, restoration guy than I am. I’d never attempt the degree of restoration that you are. The only advice I can offer is be careful. Don’t get too carried away, and end up spending more money for materials, and sweat equity than a similar used boat would cost you.

I wish you good luck.


dont fret over it
Get on one photo and the viewer can use the arrows in Photobucket.

We see you like fishing:)

Photbucket links terribly. I have trouble too.

Adding photos
What is the best way to add photos? I have photobucket but am willing to try a new program.